Saturday, June 8, 2013


I’m sure you are aware of the events in Hungary – at least those, who are from or living in Europe right now.
Our beautiful blue Danube isn’t that beautiful and blue any more.
According to the forecasts the river expected to peak on Monday in Budapest.
We often have floods and inland waters but I don’t remember experiencing floods in the capital. Of course we all had learnt about the great flood from 1838 – and I walked by the memorial tablet hanging on the wall of a Catholic church every day on my way to university. But… that this can happen is so sad.
Every day when I walk across the bridge I see the water level and the damage. It’s so astounding – in a very negative way – to see how swollen a river can become in hours. The mayor of Budapest said he expects a record of 895 centimeters (almost 30 feet).

The situation turns even more frightening when you get an email from the general manager of your company saying he isn’t sure you can come to work on Monday and Tuesday. It could happen that our buildings have to be evacuated.
Evacuation… it’s really unbelievable.

Thanks to our great people (mostly military and fire fighters along with many volunteers – like my cousins and former classmates) we hope to defend the city, though many streets / part of villages had to be evacuated by now.

Please pray for them as I do and ask God to have mercy on our country.
Thank you. 

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