Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Vow

January 16, 2012 - I shared the news about and the trailer of The Vow on Facebook.
February 9, 2012 - The movie was released in Hungary.
February 11, 2013 - I finally could watch it. 

In a nutshell:
Paige (Rachel McAdams) and her husband Leo (Channing Tatum) are driving home. On their way at a stop sign Paige unbuckles her seatbelt to lean over and kiss Leo. At that very moment a truck rams their car from behind and Paige crashes through the windshield...
When Paige regains consciousness, she thinks Leo is her doctor, having lost all memories of the past few years. When her parents learn about this and visit her, it is the first time that Leo meets them. Paige doesn't understand why she left law school, broke her engagement with her previous fiancé Jeremy, and why she has not been in touch with her family and friends...
Paige goes back home and basically relives her past.
She faces relationship issues of her parents again, begins to sketch, leaves university, moves away from her parents...

I'm sure it's not easy to handle memory loss. When you don't know who you are or you just cannot remember years of your life (what happened, who you married...) But I think it was harder for Leo. He had to see the girl of his life changing the way he had never known her before.
And still he remains faithful to the committment he made and tries to earn her love again.

The movie is based on true events, the story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. It is only based, but it's not exactly their story. It's only the Hollywood version.
Their story dates back 20 years.
In an 1993 car accident, Krickitt Carpenter lost her memory due to brain injury and has never gained it back. Their vows weren't centered on the way they felt about each other but on a promise they made to one another and to God. So Kim knew her memory loss doesn't erase his love for her or the vows he took. And Kim held to his promise: "I made a vow before God. It didn't matter if she remembered me or not". Krickitt, knowing she made the vows, honored it and worked to rekindle the love they felt.
Hollywood's version of love and marriage is not the way God designed it to be. Perhaps you're not  thinking of marriage. But this applies to behavior and expectations in dating too.
It's so easy to get emotionally attached to someone and mistake it for love. Trust me, I'm experenced in falling into traps like this. And the attachment is too hard to break. But with Jesus Christ, all things are possible. With His plan for love and marriage, a happily-ever-after is promised. Doesn't sound this wonderful?
Remember how important it is to guard your heart! Take some time to pray for your future (or current) spouse! Ask God to give you the discernment to know the difference between a Godly and a "Hollywoodized" relationship!
We used the have a quotation on our wall in our first year of Bible school:
"To love someone is not just a strong feeling — it is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise."
(The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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