Saturday, January 26, 2013


So my Mom came into my room:
- Hey, don't you want to watch a movie? It was such a long time ago when we were watching a movie together...
- Ok, Mom, yeah there's actually a movie I really would like to watch.
- Perfect. What are we watching?
- Uhm. Mom. Do you remember Fireproof?
- Of course. I love that movie. Why? Do you want to watch it again?
- No, actually. There's a new movie I planned to watch with Geoff back in the spring but we never could find the right time and place.
- Ok. What is this about?
- Uhm.. Policemen.
- Not firefighters.
- No, not this time...
Ok, Mom, so it's called Courageous.

Google is a good friend. In a couple of minutes we could find the movie in Hungarian (for Mom).

Well... watching this movie was like riding a roller coaster of feelings. Sometimes we were laughing so hard I had to pause the movie and often it made us cry.

It's a wonderful movie, everyone - every men should watch!

But the best part was after the movie ended.
I often was accused at home why I didn't get married... When I answer I haven't found Mr. Right or I'm waiting on God, I'm ridiculed and told that my standards are too high.
So I asked my Mom how she liked the movie and the way it says men should be. She was surprised how God designed men and amazed how the Bible tells what a man / husband / father should be like.
I only had to ask the question if she still thinks my standards were too high or it's wrong to wait on God? (She liked the scene Nathan Hayes (played by Ken Bevel) takes his girl (daughter Jade, played by Taylor Hutcherson) out to dinner.) After I don't know how many years, I know she understands me.

So talking about this scene...
I have to tell you that I'm doing a Bible study on purity. I'm also wearing a purity ring (it looks more like a wedding ring - I got it from Mom who got it from her sister... - but it's function is symbolizing purity) and I'd like to have a Bible reference engrave in it. Do you have an idea which passage I should choose?

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