Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting used to his absence... again

I kinda got used to the fact, that I won't see my dog again...
until my parents arrived on Friday.
It's good to have them here, but it makes me miss Arthur more. His time is over. The vet told he had cancer and he would have gone before Christmas. He was put to sleep October 25. And now he is buried in our garden 100 miles away.

Things are pretty much getting back to normal but just one. He's not here.
I stumble in the dark and I find his stuff.
I open a cracking package of chocolate / potato chips / ... and he doesn't appear to beg for treat.
I look at the clock and it's time to go for a walk... but there isn't a dog to take.
... and the list goes on.

The saddest is to see our kitty. She's become so mistrustful. She is missing him, she is looking for him. You can't explain a cat why she won't see her dog again...
I could (better said I CAN) cry when I see her behaving so strangely.
Well, she was with my parents.. result: she can"t be fed by my parents and I'm the only one who she trusts... more or less. 

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