Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hi there!
I have a prayer request: I'd like you to pray for my sister.
She is very discouraged. Her knee has to be operated on December 7th (joint mouse?). But she has other problems too.
For about 7 months she had a bad movement and she realized that she cannot move her arm. Actually you can't even touch it because it hurts so much, you see tears gathering in her eyes. She had several therapies like physiotherapy but her condition is worse than before.
She's found a good doctor who did special examination / test (I think MRI) and said she had two slipped discs in her neck. This doctor isn't a specialist and won't do the surgery. So my parents wanted to take her to Dad's doctor, who did this kind of surgery on Dad several years ago.
They had the appointment yesterday. The surgery will be on the 27th of November.
Well Dad is fine and you can't even see the cut on his neck. But this is a very dangerous surgery. Before Dad's OP the doctor said there were three possibilities:
1. Everything will be OK, Dad will be fine.
2. The OP will be quite OK, but Dad would be put in wheelchair for the rest of his life.
3. Dad would die during the operation.
Well... the conditions haven't changed for my sister either...
And the surgery costs a whole wealth (500,000 HUF ~ $2,236).
My sister hasn't a job (during the time she spent at home with baby #2, the company left the country and she can't find a job in the nearby - so be able to bring the kids to kindergarten and school and take them home in the afternoon), and my brother in law's workplace has made bad decisions and will cease. This is his 3rd week he's not going to work (they don't have charges). So.. they are really out of money with two little boys (2nd grade and kindergarten) one month before Christmas...
I think it's God's timing and provision, that my parents came back home (they will take care of her after the knee surgery because she's not allowed to get up for 10 days.. well at home she would need to cook and take care of the children - my brother in law is really careless man.) and I have a job. Still my Dad has to take loan and we need to borrow money from others, because I can't give that much either. But still... we can figure it out.
So please pray for the surgeries, for the money that we can pay for the neck / backbone surgery, for her to be able calm down and not to be discouraged because of fear and money. And pray for her to find a job soon...
Thank you!!
P.S.: She's not saved and I hope I can talk to her before the surgeries. But I don't see many opportunities, maybe I'll just write her a letter that she can read in her solitude in the hospital. Pray for an open heart and for a life-saving decision!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting used to his absence... again

I kinda got used to the fact, that I won't see my dog again...
until my parents arrived on Friday.
It's good to have them here, but it makes me miss Arthur more. His time is over. The vet told he had cancer and he would have gone before Christmas. He was put to sleep October 25. And now he is buried in our garden 100 miles away.

Things are pretty much getting back to normal but just one. He's not here.
I stumble in the dark and I find his stuff.
I open a cracking package of chocolate / potato chips / ... and he doesn't appear to beg for treat.
I look at the clock and it's time to go for a walk... but there isn't a dog to take.
... and the list goes on.

The saddest is to see our kitty. She's become so mistrustful. She is missing him, she is looking for him. You can't explain a cat why she won't see her dog again...
I could (better said I CAN) cry when I see her behaving so strangely.
Well, she was with my parents.. result: she can"t be fed by my parents and I'm the only one who she trusts... more or less.