Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missing him already!

I spent the weekend at my parents'. 
It was good to be with them (well we didn't have much time together)... but because we arranged this meeting is... that my doggie (Arthur) is very ill and he has to be put to sleep. (I don't know when exactly it will happen, but I know my parents will return home without this cute English Cocker Spaniel - we adopted 10 years ago - and I won't see him ever again.)

My faithful friend, Arthur,
"who" almost died when life called me
far away from him and I left for a very long time.
So basically my parents wanted me to visit, because they wanted to give me the chance of saying my final good byes to him.

Seeing him suffer is so hard! And even if you know you can't help him, still it's a hard decision you have to make!
And saying good bye for the last time defineteley won't become my favorite pastime!

Mom secretly took a picture of us when I kissed him. I post it, so you also can see my hair. It was the third time I dyed my hair red, but at the second time we tried a darker shade... it will last too loooooong till I can be a ginger again.

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