Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why does one want to dye her hair red?

I've been playing with the idea to change the color of my hair for a long time... at least for two years by now. I basically color my hair since I was about 13 years old (blonde shampoo and the combination of camomile & sun) and this is my 5th year not doing anything at all... but having them cut once in a while. I'm not a fond of my own color, though it's always something different... (I have many golden and copper hair but the brown ones dominate. If my hair is wet and I'm in the sun, the other shades sparkle / shimmer a lot more.). And still... it's no big deal if you don't have any influence on it at all.

Ok, so take a look at this one:
No color, no dye, only the sunshine. In November!
When I was working in the theatre - the lights there made my hair look golden blonde.
The sun makes it these years look red.
Why on Earth do I want to color them if my hair chooses to switch colors in the light?

I got somewhat bored of my own color... and since I'll start working in a few days (big change in one's life) I have decided to have a little change... to accentuate the shade, one I already have in my hair.

Some days after my state examination we had our 10 years class reunion. We were looking at many pictures and I realized that about 11 years ago I was ginger! :O 
Well I then also remembered how my hair color turned out ginger.  When I was 16/17 I wanted to be blond. We bought "golden blonde" color and as we began to bleach my hair - they became red! I hated my red hair, because I wanted to be blonde. But now.. when I look back I think my hair really had a nice color. Well I can't post a picture of me from those times (or even from right now), but I can show you a picture of Amy Adams. Mine was maybe a bit lighter... but this shade is quite similar to that I had so many years ago!

I guess you know what color my hair has today... Right. Carrot! :) Pictures to come.. maybe.. someday. But first I have to ask my reflection not to frighten me every time when I look into the mirror! :D

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