Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It's funny how a sheet of paper can change the world you're living in.
I might have told you about my relationship to my father. He was upset (and way to nervous and hostile) for several years, because it took me too long in his eyes to earn my degree. He didn’t even talk to me. Not really. Only small talks. Rarely.   
You could say, the whole world turned when the exam was over. Actually, after I got that paper (today) about six weeks later. I can’t “recognize” him. He's joking, smiling and laughing with me. He has changed. A lot. 

(The graduation ceremony itself wasn't worth at all... But Dad was there. And that's what counts.
He was my only guest and he was touched by this fact. He didn't enjoy my graduation more than I did. So we didn't at all. We don't even have a picture. It wasn't as festive as my graduations at WOLBI were, but this is the kind of paper he was always asking for. It reads "magister for German philology".) 

But now it's time to leave. I'll spend my next week with my parents at their new house! A well deserved furlough has to be enjoyed before I start to work! =)

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