Wednesday, June 6, 2012

State Examination - Yuck.

The time has come.
The exam was … well interesting. It wasn’t like an exam at all.
There were three professors in the committee, none of them had read my thesis or at least one of the criticisms. So they didn’t have a clue about the whole thing. The president didn’t even pay attention to me. Beside her I had an “accuser” and an “innocent”. My accuser was my former consultant, who didn’t like my ideas and told me to either change my topic or the consultant.
So in the first part of my exam he asked me questions I couldn’t answer. He just asked if I had done this research or done that, what the results were… And the whole time long all I was said: "no, I didn’t do that" and "no, I have other results". After a while he gave me some rest, and the “innocent” asked what I’d done. After some sentences, the president wanted to move on to part two.
I should have given a fifteen-minutes long lecture, but there was no time for that. So I began to tell (less, than about my thesis), but soon I was interrupted by their questions. After answering them, they let me go.
Some minutes later they asked me to come back – the decision had been made. I got an A for the thesis (from the two professors, who did the criticism), and a C for the exam, because - according to the president - I wasn’t able to defend my thesis! Huh? I never had the chance…
Whatever. In the end I got a B for my degree. Not a bad mark at all...  
To God alone be the glory!
Thanks for your prayers. 

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