Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carrying Each Others' Burden

I am totally stressed out…
I am really afraid and I thought I couldn’t calm down at all.
But today in church everything has changed.
My pastor gave us a parable about the pillars in the building and the elders like pillars in the life of the congregation. He told the elders should help to carry our burdens, but we don't really realize this. It shouldn't be the way it is. He asked us, if there is any prayer requests in our hearts we would like to share with one of the elders, that's the time for it.
So some appointed elders went to those pillars (one to one) and you just could go there to pray with them.
It wasn't easy to go there and tell about my lack of faith, how weak I was and how little I felt under the weight of my anxieties and fears. 
I was crying the whole time long he was praying for me and still sobbing during communion right afterwards.

Prayers do have power. It helped a lot! That's what I told everyone after the service.
Then I went first to this elder and asked him how I could pray for him - he was so touched that at least one person thought of him, that he has burdens in his life too and it feels good, when you know someone is praying for you. After praying with and for him, I went to my pastor and thanked him for this innovative step he took in the life of this church and for the most important thing, that he let God lead him! 

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