Sunday, April 1, 2012

You're rich - did you know that?

At the end of March (= tonight) there was a youth conference in a city about 30 miles away from Budapest. When we had the Christian Family course in the BI we stayed at members of this church and their pastor taught us.
So I was more than eager to go to this conference and meet the people I know. 

The teachings were given by a very old (87 years) and famous Hungarian Baptist pastor, who everyone loves. He used to come to the BI every year for a week just to preach at chapels and share his memories, his life, his testimony. Now he came to this youth meeting and did the same. He’s absolutely amazing! Kids – teens – adults – elder people all love to listen to him.
He didn’t share new stories, not I don’t know, but still it was a huge encouragement to listen to them all over again. He touched topics like his own life centred around the gardener (John 15), who we are and why it’s worth to serve God, how rich we are in Christ and the true treasure, which is Jesus his peace (John 14:27). 

After the messages, there was a worship concert given by a beloved "amateur" band – I know from my summers in the Bible school. 

The Offline Band and I.
Long before the conference I needed to know how long the day would last, so I asked the “front member” of this group. I didn’t want to miss the concert because of transportation issues. Well he didn’t know about the whole thing at all. 
When the band went up the stage, they shared stories, testimonies, what they had learnt that day and about this concert. And then this guy just started to talk about how he got to know about this all. So pretty authentic he gave every lines we talked, when I asked him months before. Everyone laughed, some – who know me – pointed at me “she’s that!” and I blushed… But it was truly funny, and the concert… I didn’t miss a thing and I’m glad I didn’t have to! We were singing every word together! Even in the train, when I came home with a friend of mine we were singing those songs loud!

You can listen here to some of their songs performed during the event "12-hours-long-worship" just about a month ago.

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