Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just a few lines to share about how God saved / spared my life yesterday!
Yesterday was the first time snowing this winter. I really loved the pretty snow flakes - well I have to admit it: I simply love snowflakes! They're so unique and all so beautiful!
At the time I left home to church service and choir practice later wasn't snowing and the sky was clear and bright: full of stars. I was in hurry and my bus came earlier so I had to run to get on it. The driver was waiting for me... but the sidewalk was pretty icy. I couldn't run as fast as I wanted to. I finally took the last step before getting on. But I slipped and my foot slipped from the edge of the pavement and in no time I "found myself under the bus." The truth is, that I caught the handrail so this way I could stay in balance. Since I could "stand" the whole time long I didn't slip under the bus with my body and I only hurt my left knee when it hit the the first step of the bus. I quite easily could pull it back and I could get on the bus.
But imagine what would have happened if I couldn't caught the rail... probably I would have slipped with my whole body under the bus... but at least I would have fallen on the ground.
What if the driver hadn't seen me and he would have driven away (with my leg under the wheel)?
Probably I wouldn't have got off with a bruise on my knee but with at least a broken leg.

When I got home later in the evening and I told my parents about this accident they told me about a bigger one they heard about in the news and what happened just hours earlier on the same day. It was still dark in the morning and a man wanted to cross the street. The bus driver turned and didn't notice the man in the dark. He was driving slowly and had about 50 feet to drive before getting to the bus stop. He hit the man and pushed until reaching the bus stop. The man died on the spot.
Just imagine what all could have had happened if God didn't take care of me....

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  1. Wow! God really is watching out for you! So glad you are alright!

    Merry Christmas, Magdi!