Monday, December 12, 2011


"Healing" is the subject of the email I got from a very good friend after she had read my "Hurt".
Healing is what I felt in church yesterday. And healing is what I felt during taking my dog for a walk in the rain tonight. Michael W. Smith's words of the song Healing Rain were echoing in my heart.
It happens that I forget who I am and that Christ asks me to set my mind on the things above. At difficult times like this my circumstances can make me blind and words can hurt more. But if I lift my eyes to the skies and I focus on God He is bigger than my problems are and He gives me the strenght to face and to conquer them! Sometimes this pops into my mind before I would even start to worry or to feel sorry for myself.
This time God used special people in my life. I believe that these two women were instruments in God's hand. One of the ladies reminded me of who I am and while reading her letter of love God helped me to realize why I was told things like these. Realization doesn't either wipe out the words or doesn't make them be kind but it helps me to understand the worries, the motive behind and makes me thankful to God for the parents He gave me.
The other dear lady showed me these worries from a parent's point of view. She's absolutely sure my parents love me and of course we have conflicts because we have a "little" age difference. No matter if I'm 16, 20 or 28 or even 45 my parents want the best for me. She held my face and looked straight into my eyes to tell a child can't ever ever be burden for her parents!
If you remember a couple days ago I told you that I got farther and farther from God. But God is near. Even if I can't see Him He is here assuring me of His love.
I don't give up, my precious friend, because I know I am loved by the greatest King ever!

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  1. nice post...thanks for sharing...happy holidays...blessings soraya