Sunday, December 25, 2011

At midnight...

The spottles Rose unfolded at midnight, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Never ever forget the true meaning of Christmas! Have a blessed one this year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just a few lines to share about how God saved / spared my life yesterday!
Yesterday was the first time snowing this winter. I really loved the pretty snow flakes - well I have to admit it: I simply love snowflakes! They're so unique and all so beautiful!
At the time I left home to church service and choir practice later wasn't snowing and the sky was clear and bright: full of stars. I was in hurry and my bus came earlier so I had to run to get on it. The driver was waiting for me... but the sidewalk was pretty icy. I couldn't run as fast as I wanted to. I finally took the last step before getting on. But I slipped and my foot slipped from the edge of the pavement and in no time I "found myself under the bus." The truth is, that I caught the handrail so this way I could stay in balance. Since I could "stand" the whole time long I didn't slip under the bus with my body and I only hurt my left knee when it hit the the first step of the bus. I quite easily could pull it back and I could get on the bus.
But imagine what would have happened if I couldn't caught the rail... probably I would have slipped with my whole body under the bus... but at least I would have fallen on the ground.
What if the driver hadn't seen me and he would have driven away (with my leg under the wheel)?
Probably I wouldn't have got off with a bruise on my knee but with at least a broken leg.

When I got home later in the evening and I told my parents about this accident they told me about a bigger one they heard about in the news and what happened just hours earlier on the same day. It was still dark in the morning and a man wanted to cross the street. The bus driver turned and didn't notice the man in the dark. He was driving slowly and had about 50 feet to drive before getting to the bus stop. He hit the man and pushed until reaching the bus stop. The man died on the spot.
Just imagine what all could have had happened if God didn't take care of me....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Greatest Gift

The BYM (short for Baptist Youth Mission) has its church service on Tuesdays in a Baptist church in the downtown of Budapest. It usually starts with greetings, prayer, a longer period of worship songs (those are really great songs by the way. I'm always learning new ones there!). Then an invited guest pastor is preaching on a given topic, we pray, collect offerings and sing. There's also a little coffee shop in the church building so if you need a place to stay to chat with friends after the service that's the best!
Yesterday's pastor was my Judges teacher from Bible school - very appreciated by young people. I love his preachings; they're so memorable. His preaching was on The greatest gift.
The passages he read are Romans 8:32, 2 Corinthians 9:15 and John 1:41-42.
Then he told us about the five holidays of Christianity which all tell about how much God loves us! Just think about the meanings of these holidays.
- At Christmas God gave us His only begotten Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
- Good Friday is the miracle of redemption. "God who was in Christ reconciled the world to himself" (2 Cor 5:19 Greek translation)
- At Easter God conquered the death and frees us from its fear. Jesus left to prepare a place for us.
- At Pentecost He sent us the Comforter.
- Advent: He will come back for us!
All these holidays are for us and about us. That's how much GOD loves US!

The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah” (that is, the Christ). (John 1:41) 

Andrew said We have found the Messiah. He didn't say this because Jesus was lost. No but Andrew found him and recognized the Messiah in Him! Andrew recognized the greatest gift.
Mary accepted the gift, Joseph almost dropped it (the angel had to warn him in a dream!), Simeon and Anna recognized it, the magi (remember they were worldly astrologers) recognized the gift in the newborn. The visit of the magi also means judgement. They went first to Herod the Great, they read the Scriptures, Herod knew about God's gift and he (as so many today) came by it. Herod gave way to despair and the gift got crowded out in the lives of the people of Bethlehem. Those people weren't bad but busy with their lives and Jesus simply didn't fit into their hearts. 
Have you ever thought of who the sheperds were? Forgotten people, forsaken by the world who were living behind the beyond. But they got the "big show"! -  If you should ever feel forgotten and unloved (great message for me after the past weekend!) just think of the sheperds! God loves the forgotten!

The Messiah must be found and recognized. People from the 21st century are afraid of the Messiah. There's a humanist saying: Self help and God will help you too (meaning self do self help). But the gospel is: God helps and you can do something too: bracket yourself!
The world recognizes the need of the Messiah. In times of crisis and hopelessness the false Messiah come - like politicians (Hitler, Mao Zedong etc.) who leave millions of deads behind.
What is a crisis? It's like the first pains before the labor. They just point forward (to more pain - the final economical crisis in Revelation). Crisis means we're doing something wrong. And crisis means we need the Messiah.
The gift define us. With Jesus all things are given to us. Jesus is the greatest gift. He is the deliverer - the Messiah.

Oh, I almost forgot: after the preaching there was a little concert. Five songs of the preacher had been revised and orchestrated (flute + clarinette + cellos + violins + drums + piano + guitars and vocalists = 25 people beside the solists) by one guy (the dirigent) from my youth group. There were three solists (one of them this preacher) singing 2-1-1 songs and the last one was the "star-song". You can watch the video of this one (there will be better and more videos later!) Notice: The preacher is singing the second verse and they didn't practice before this at all by the way (right before starting the song he was showed the lyrics and told who would sing this part and that)! "Plow a new ground in me"

Monday, December 12, 2011


"Healing" is the subject of the email I got from a very good friend after she had read my "Hurt".
Healing is what I felt in church yesterday. And healing is what I felt during taking my dog for a walk in the rain tonight. Michael W. Smith's words of the song Healing Rain were echoing in my heart.
It happens that I forget who I am and that Christ asks me to set my mind on the things above. At difficult times like this my circumstances can make me blind and words can hurt more. But if I lift my eyes to the skies and I focus on God He is bigger than my problems are and He gives me the strenght to face and to conquer them! Sometimes this pops into my mind before I would even start to worry or to feel sorry for myself.
This time God used special people in my life. I believe that these two women were instruments in God's hand. One of the ladies reminded me of who I am and while reading her letter of love God helped me to realize why I was told things like these. Realization doesn't either wipe out the words or doesn't make them be kind but it helps me to understand the worries, the motive behind and makes me thankful to God for the parents He gave me.
The other dear lady showed me these worries from a parent's point of view. She's absolutely sure my parents love me and of course we have conflicts because we have a "little" age difference. No matter if I'm 16, 20 or 28 or even 45 my parents want the best for me. She held my face and looked straight into my eyes to tell a child can't ever ever be burden for her parents!
If you remember a couple days ago I told you that I got farther and farther from God. But God is near. Even if I can't see Him He is here assuring me of His love.
I don't give up, my precious friend, because I know I am loved by the greatest King ever!

Friday, December 9, 2011


It's the eve of my birthday. The last day I'm 27 years old.
I looked into the mirror, I looked at my reflection and whispered the number 27. I felt old and empty. I thought of my legacy I would leave behind if God wanted me to stand face to face in His presence. Nothing notable came into my mind. I couldn't chalk up anything important, I haven't been able to earn my degree (or at least to write my two thesis), I couldn't stand on my own feet (I haven't found a new job since September), usually my dreams don't come true and often I feel misunderstood and alone.
When my parents are at home, they like to watch me - observing everything I do, to know every little secret about me and it's so hard to find the time for God... when they aren't near me and they aren't louder my earplugs could protect. I get farther and farther from God. I know He is disappointed when He sees me getting away from Him. Prayer is all what left. Bible reading and studying it is almost impossible in this house. About a week ago when Dad caught me on studying 1 John (I was coloring key words), he gave me the "look" and asked why I didn't work on my thesis instead of this foolishness. (Btw. I'm afraid of going to church or have more (serious) ministry there (like helping out in Sunday school etc.) because "it takes too much time from more important things"...)

Just right now when having supper in the kitchen we were talking about my dog. I said something my father didn't like. (Mom told she would cook a bone for my dog because it helps to remove plaque and I replied this would be the perfect birthday present for him. Arthur will be 10 years old next week.) So Dad said he doubted I would ever grow up and he wondered why I mentally "remained" like a four years old child. Mom looked at him and asked "a four years old? She's sometimes even worse..."
I looked into their eyes... they were so serious! I don't know what's wrong with me in their eyes.
But I guess it's better that there's something they don't know about. I like to do handstand when I'm studying and I need more blood in my head. Now my right foot (heel) fouled into my chair - I kicked it over, I lost my swing then my balance and before a handstand "could have been born", my arms buckled up and I landed on my head and left shoulder. I did something memorable. My whole left arm hurts... thank God it's not broken but a bit faint. The chair is made from iron and I have a nice little knob on my right heel too. And still these don't hurt as much as my parents' words do.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cherish Every Moment

Lately I've heard about a movie I really would like to watch. My problem is that I can't. Since I'm not American, I don't have GMC and I don't know anyone (maybe I do - but it would be a very expensive movie to watch if I had to fly first to the States) who has. But you, my friend - unknown reader of my blog, you have the chance to watch it. If you watch only one Christmas movie this holiday season, let this will be the one and then tell me all about it!

The title is: The Heart of Christmas - airing just in a couple days on Sunday, December 4 at 7 & 9 pm ET.
Plot summary - what you should know before watching this movie:
"The gmc World Premiere Movie was inspired by the true story of the Locke family, which also inspired the new song of the same name by Grammy-nominated recording artist Matthew West. THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS tells the story of one family's quest for their seriously ill son to experience an early and magical Christmas, and how an entire community came together to make it possible. Their journey and desire to cherish every moment would change their lives and those of millions around the world forever."
If you would like to know more about the movie visit its official site.

If you (somehow) can't watch it on Sunday, you can make it up on
- Friday (December 9) at 9 & 11 pm
- Sunday (December 11) at 11 am.

I can also highly recommend these videos, please watch them!

Think about donating to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital while watching Matthew West's message, listening to a great song by him and looking at pictures of the real Dax and his family.

More Dax

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The countdown has begun...

On the first day of December the countdown of the days begins in the whole big world. Also in my room.
I can't remember when I got my last advent calender (this one was hanging on my wall and there was one mini chocolate bar in every pocket from yummy "Celebrations" - like Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Bounty, Dove...), maybe when I was 19 turning soon 20 and was working in Germany. Who knows... I don't.

I know my favorite one (I don't like those with "milk chocolate" that has nothing to do with real chocolate at all!!) I got when I attended kindergarten and that one was a picture of a wooden house standing in the snow, having pine trees in the garden with children playing. When you opened a window - it could be one of those pine trees (and you could see how one of the children is putting up the Christmas lights), puddle / ice (with a kid skating on it), a sledge (with two little one sitting on it), the attic window (with the many presents wrapped in beautiful papers), the big window of the living room (of course this was #24 - a Bethlehem scene). I wish I knew where it is.... Probably my sister still has hers! :) I just called her.. Well she can remember at least... but has no idea if we / she still have / has it / them. Hers could be on the bottom of a box in the attic. 

The bottom line is that my parents bought advent calenders for their two youngest grandchildren (ages 7 and 4) and also for me. I guess they missed me too much during my Bible school years and missed having "children" around. Since I'm the baby in the family I got one this year too.

This year's calender w/ "chocolate"