Sunday, November 20, 2011

New opportunities!

I can't understand myself!
The editor of our church-newspaper always likes when I write an article. Just a few years back my name appeared in every number until I'd found my new idol. When the time of idol-worship was over in my life I left for Bible school. Every time I came home to visit the editor asked me to write again. I think I could count on one hand how many articles I wrote in the past two years.
Now I'm here again and I wrote one about waiting, advent and the Song of Zechariah.
At the end of the church service the pastor's wife asked me to give a testimony about advent on next Sunday. Guess what was my human and sinful answer: NO WAY! But she actually didn't ask me at all. She already knows - when she asks nobody will do it. She shares the facts and then you simply have to do it. I was about to express my disappointment to a friend at the "bookstore" while looking for the perfect gift to my sister when the editor accosted me. First he thanked for my article then he asked me (well "just shared the facts" with me) to be responsible for our bulletin board on the street from now on.

Since I had to walk home I had many time to think and to pray. I was so selfish and it seemed it was my old self's day. I'm singing again in the choir, I'm writing articles and I should give a testimony (I just don't like to go up front and to talk to so many people) and look for pictures, stories, poems etc. for the bulletin board?
But then I remembered how "little" all these ministries are. It's more a privilege to be responsible for a board so many people on the street read when they are walking by.
God says we always need to be ready to share our testimony to all those who ask us to give an account for the hope that is in us.
And though I don't have any idea what I will talk about (still praying for that, because I don't want to tell the same as I wrote in my article - available to be read on the first Sunday of December) I'm glad I can share.

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