Thursday, October 6, 2011

Babysitting (and discipling)

At the past weekend I was babysitting my youngest nephews.
My sister and her husband were asked by an old high school friend to help with moving.

I had great plans for Saturday, like going onto the playground, playing, talking, taking pictures… but this day had to be spent otherwise.
Poor boy - since he is in first grade now - had lots of homework to write. So I had to watch him doing his homework correctly and his brother playing (of course I played with him a lot!).
It was quite late in the afternoon when we could go outside to play a little soccer and other fun games with our ball.
Later my older one began to talk about faith. I asked him if he remembered the songs and Bible stories he had heard, the decision he had made in camp this summer. As if his memories had been wiped out… So I took my Bible and read him one of the stories when Peter and Jesus were walking on the water (Matthew 14:22-33). After that I shared and explained both of them the Gospel using my EvangeCube. The 3 years old Erik found it either too long or too boring because he began to play with his cards, but he stayed there and heard everything. And sometimes he looked at the pictures too.
The 7 years old Balázs chose Jesus again. I told him that he’d already made this choice and he didn’t have to “get saved” every time - but still I felt very glad and blessed! :) I encouraged him to talk to his classmates and new little friends about his decision and what Christ had done for him.
At bedtime after the story was read and the good-night-kisses were given, he almost crying told me he couldn’t tell the Good News to his kindergarten friends. I told him to pray for them and for opportunity to share.. and to ask his parents to arrange a play date with those kids.

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  1. Great job, Magdi! That's the best thing you could share with your nephews!!