Saturday, September 17, 2011

When your joy is complete

Even if I hadn’t been asked, I would have been there. School started and not only at the university but also in the Bible school. First year’s first course is Personal Evangelism, second year’s Street Evangelism, which means that the whole school spend their afternoons on Thursday and Friday on the streets of Budapest sharing the Gospel with sketch board, music, pantomime performances (Everything, Nails in your hands) and personal talks.
I really don’t like to go up to strangers to talk about God with them. But interestingly this time I couldn’t wait to go.
I couldn’t go on both days so I asked the coordinator when more translators are needed. (It’s easier to translate than to talk. Do you understand what I mean?) So I was scheduled for today though I couldn’t stay for very long, because I had planned to meet my friend in the evening but it was really worth going there. It was so good to see familiar faces and to translate for Katie – one of our interns. We didn’t talk to many people together that afternoon but it was the first time for both of us to lead a lady to God on the street. It’s an amazing feeling when somebody says she wants to accept Christ as her personal Savior.

In the evening I met my ex-colleague and a very good wordly friend from the theater I was working in for a season. There were only two of us and we spent four wonderful hours together. Sadly, though she respects my belief – I can testify God in so many ways for her… but sadly she doesn’t believe. Actually there is a kinda religious fight going on in her family and she just want to stay out of it. Please pray for her with me because I know how hard she works and how she would like to be accepted in every area in her life… and she’s so unhappy.

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