Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you ever wanted to buy paint color in a theater?

There's a funny story I have to tell.
It happened about two weeks ago when we went to the next town to buy color for painting the door frames. It came into my mind, because today we went there again to buy paint color for the kitchen walls. 
So... we were in a store looking for laminate floor and we asked the sales clerk where we could find a color shop. We were told to go into the theater. And we also were told how we could get there. On our way we were asking ourselves how we could buy paint color in a theater? When we arrived to the place our questions were answered immediately.
The word színház in Hungarian means theater. But the name of this shop is szín-ház. Szín can mean: color, scene, remise. And ház is house. Though you can't buy paint color in a theater you can in the color-house!

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