Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When I got saved I knew I should read my Bible and pray… and I did it… every now and then. Usually I read my Bible before going to bed. Sometimes I did it also in the morning when my parents had already left for work and I had time before my first class at the university began.
Later I bought my first quiet time diary from World of Life. I don’t know how familiar you are with their QTD but there is always a passage to read and you have space to fill in what you think the author is saying and how you can apply it for your life. It’s quite good and you get an insight how your quiet time should look like. But school is over and I felt I needed to dig in more deeply into the passage I read.
What have happened?

In the spring I began to read some Christian blogs like Time-Warp Wife - A Return to Biblical Womanhood and Women Living Well so very soon I got to know Good Morning Girls too.
It was the perfect timing when I read there would be a Bible study of 1 John. I used to highlight verses I liked or meant something for me, but coloring the key words in my Bible and the SOAP method were totally unknown for me.
On Monday the study has begun. And I love it. I like writing out Scripture, because what Courtney (from WLL and GMG) said is true: it just sinks in and helps to meditate on God’s word.
I never really did observations before having the Bible Study Methods course in Bible school. And now it’s amazing how many observations I can do on one single verse!
Since I “graduated” from WOL you may know that I had Biblical Communication where I had to learn to give applications to my audience after finishing my preaching.
And when I pray… The section we’re reading this week (1 John 1:1-4) could be written from present-day it’s so alive and it’s so easy to pray about!

By the way this passage talks about the complete joy you have when you share the Gospel and others have fellowship with the Lord too. Do you remember when I wrote about my last OAE? When I was helping with translating for Katie? And we led that lady to the Lord? After praying with (for) her we went aside to thank God for using us and to feel this joy!

And if all these wouldn’t be enough.. I don’t belong to any official group but I invited my dear friend from Virginia Beach, VA and she’s glad to join me in this study. She holds me accountable (and gives me six hours extra, because that’s the time difference) and she writes me every day to let me know what she’s learned on that day!

Dear God, dear Good Morning Girls I just want to say thank you for this great opportunity of studying 1 John with you all!

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