Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall is here again

I spent almost a month in the village we’re moving into and helped whatever and whenever I just could (like removing the old wallpapers in the rooms) before my parents sent me home. No, no, no, no I was a good girl, but the school year has just started and it’s a huge opportunity for me to be alone and to meet my consultants at the university and to work on my thesis before I’d start to work in the middle of October.
It seems God knew what's on my heart, how I needed a job (in Hungary it takes months till you can find something), how we need the money (I got so much from my parents and I would like to support them!).We don't know when we're ready with renovation and where I should find a job... if I'd work here, but we're moving later, or I'd work there and in the meanwhile we're ready to move... the two places are about 100 miles away.. it wouldn't be easy at all.
I was offered a job (with minimum wage and not support raising!) to be the next receptionist - working for guest services. I prayed a lot to see where God leads me and sought counsel from my parents. I wanted to go back, because I love that "bubble" and the people, though I often get hurt. People are people even if they are God's people.
My parents would like me to be at home, but I think they also can see God's providence in my life. They immediately agreed to work there. Eight fix hours working with free afternoon and evening to study. When I will need a break, I can spend more time with God, can spend time with friends, can go for walk or read.. it will be unfamiliar to live on the same spot of the Earth and not having the same rules and programs as for two years. But I believe this is God's solution for the intermediate time and I'm thanking Him each and every day for it!

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