Thursday, September 22, 2011

When dreams don't come true

Do you remember me saying that I had a job? That I believe this job would be "God's solution for the intermediate time"? Actually it's not true anymore.
Yesterday I got a phonecall from my boss. I thought he called me to ask how I was doing and to talk about the details like when I should go in to sign the contract or / and when I could move into my new room / little appartment and which room will be mine at all.
Somehow his voice seemed to be sad and I thought that I couldn't stay where I wanted I needed to look for an apartment in the village. But it wasn't what he told me.
When we were talking for the last time it was his last day before going on vacation. And when he got back changes have already occured. He was shifted into a new position and he wouldn't have been my boss any more. The other thing is what I think he heard for the first time on that very day (so on Wednesday) in staff meeting that they stop hiring people and use more volunteers... which means that without a contract I'm not officially hired I haven't started to work there (I'd asked them for this extra month otherwise I'd have been working there for three weeks!!) so I'm "fired". Can you imagine it? Fired before you'd start working?

I believe what is written in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." and in Isaiah 55:9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." are true. It could be just a trial during it I need to trust God more.
Please pray for me when the Lord makes you think of me. Pray that I can finish my two thesis (now I got tons of time for doing it, but I need my teachers to work with me) and that God'll provide us everything. Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


When I got saved I knew I should read my Bible and pray… and I did it… every now and then. Usually I read my Bible before going to bed. Sometimes I did it also in the morning when my parents had already left for work and I had time before my first class at the university began.
Later I bought my first quiet time diary from World of Life. I don’t know how familiar you are with their QTD but there is always a passage to read and you have space to fill in what you think the author is saying and how you can apply it for your life. It’s quite good and you get an insight how your quiet time should look like. But school is over and I felt I needed to dig in more deeply into the passage I read.
What have happened?

In the spring I began to read some Christian blogs like Time-Warp Wife - A Return to Biblical Womanhood and Women Living Well so very soon I got to know Good Morning Girls too.
It was the perfect timing when I read there would be a Bible study of 1 John. I used to highlight verses I liked or meant something for me, but coloring the key words in my Bible and the SOAP method were totally unknown for me.
On Monday the study has begun. And I love it. I like writing out Scripture, because what Courtney (from WLL and GMG) said is true: it just sinks in and helps to meditate on God’s word.
I never really did observations before having the Bible Study Methods course in Bible school. And now it’s amazing how many observations I can do on one single verse!
Since I “graduated” from WOL you may know that I had Biblical Communication where I had to learn to give applications to my audience after finishing my preaching.
And when I pray… The section we’re reading this week (1 John 1:1-4) could be written from present-day it’s so alive and it’s so easy to pray about!

By the way this passage talks about the complete joy you have when you share the Gospel and others have fellowship with the Lord too. Do you remember when I wrote about my last OAE? When I was helping with translating for Katie? And we led that lady to the Lord? After praying with (for) her we went aside to thank God for using us and to feel this joy!

And if all these wouldn’t be enough.. I don’t belong to any official group but I invited my dear friend from Virginia Beach, VA and she’s glad to join me in this study. She holds me accountable (and gives me six hours extra, because that’s the time difference) and she writes me every day to let me know what she’s learned on that day!

Dear God, dear Good Morning Girls I just want to say thank you for this great opportunity of studying 1 John with you all!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

When your joy is complete

Even if I hadn’t been asked, I would have been there. School started and not only at the university but also in the Bible school. First year’s first course is Personal Evangelism, second year’s Street Evangelism, which means that the whole school spend their afternoons on Thursday and Friday on the streets of Budapest sharing the Gospel with sketch board, music, pantomime performances (Everything, Nails in your hands) and personal talks.
I really don’t like to go up to strangers to talk about God with them. But interestingly this time I couldn’t wait to go.
I couldn’t go on both days so I asked the coordinator when more translators are needed. (It’s easier to translate than to talk. Do you understand what I mean?) So I was scheduled for today though I couldn’t stay for very long, because I had planned to meet my friend in the evening but it was really worth going there. It was so good to see familiar faces and to translate for Katie – one of our interns. We didn’t talk to many people together that afternoon but it was the first time for both of us to lead a lady to God on the street. It’s an amazing feeling when somebody says she wants to accept Christ as her personal Savior.

In the evening I met my ex-colleague and a very good wordly friend from the theater I was working in for a season. There were only two of us and we spent four wonderful hours together. Sadly, though she respects my belief – I can testify God in so many ways for her… but sadly she doesn’t believe. Actually there is a kinda religious fight going on in her family and she just want to stay out of it. Please pray for her with me because I know how hard she works and how she would like to be accepted in every area in her life… and she’s so unhappy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Legal killing...

Have you ever talked to a person who shouldn't have been born at all? - I have.
But have you ever known a person who was "killed" in the womb but it didn't work?
We serve a mighty God for Him nothing is impossible. When He wants somebody to live and to preach His Good News - he will. If you have 14 minutes, watch this video. It's Gianna Jessen speaking about herself. Of course she's a Christian woman who's a living testimony of God's grace.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall is here again

I spent almost a month in the village we’re moving into and helped whatever and whenever I just could (like removing the old wallpapers in the rooms) before my parents sent me home. No, no, no, no I was a good girl, but the school year has just started and it’s a huge opportunity for me to be alone and to meet my consultants at the university and to work on my thesis before I’d start to work in the middle of October.
It seems God knew what's on my heart, how I needed a job (in Hungary it takes months till you can find something), how we need the money (I got so much from my parents and I would like to support them!).We don't know when we're ready with renovation and where I should find a job... if I'd work here, but we're moving later, or I'd work there and in the meanwhile we're ready to move... the two places are about 100 miles away.. it wouldn't be easy at all.
I was offered a job (with minimum wage and not support raising!) to be the next receptionist - working for guest services. I prayed a lot to see where God leads me and sought counsel from my parents. I wanted to go back, because I love that "bubble" and the people, though I often get hurt. People are people even if they are God's people.
My parents would like me to be at home, but I think they also can see God's providence in my life. They immediately agreed to work there. Eight fix hours working with free afternoon and evening to study. When I will need a break, I can spend more time with God, can spend time with friends, can go for walk or read.. it will be unfamiliar to live on the same spot of the Earth and not having the same rules and programs as for two years. But I believe this is God's solution for the intermediate time and I'm thanking Him each and every day for it!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you ever wanted to buy paint color in a theater?

There's a funny story I have to tell.
It happened about two weeks ago when we went to the next town to buy color for painting the door frames. It came into my mind, because today we went there again to buy paint color for the kitchen walls. 
So... we were in a store looking for laminate floor and we asked the sales clerk where we could find a color shop. We were told to go into the theater. And we also were told how we could get there. On our way we were asking ourselves how we could buy paint color in a theater? When we arrived to the place our questions were answered immediately.
The word színház in Hungarian means theater. But the name of this shop is szín-ház. Szín can mean: color, scene, remise. And ház is house. Though you can't buy paint color in a theater you can in the color-house!