Thursday, June 9, 2011

Life after Bible school

We used to joke that there's life after Bible school and outside the bubble. What seemed a joke one day isn't funny at all now. When I came home on graduation day I felt like being on vacation with my family. My attention was distracted because of my language exam drew nearer and all I was doing was eating, studying and sleeping. After the exam the process of unpacking began. It lasted several days long. No wonder... I had many things to put on their proper places on the one hand... on the other hand I often stopped for a while when I found something reminding me on something sweet or even sad and I realized how many good byes I didn't say, how many people I didn't hug before leaving Tóalmás. Like I mentioned earlier, in the first couple of days I felt like if I had come back home just for visit, but now I know that when I'll go back it won't be the same without YOU! But! From one of my supporters who watched our graduation live(!) online, I got a little money as a graduation present which I would like to use to buy a webcam to be able to use skype again (I had a headset before but it doesn't work anymore). I hope we can keep in touch at least this way! :)

Our graduation was wonderful. The weather was fine, not as sunny as last year, but it wasn't too chilly either, though there was a moment when we wanted to go in. (We were standing in a line for half an hour before the meeting room.) I was a little disappointed because I had sent out many invitations and I got only a very few responses back... some promised to come and they never arrived. Only my parents and my aunt were there, but I was pleased to have them. The ceremony began at 11 am. I tell a bit about it, but you might want to watch it if you missed it:
After our Bible school director greeted the crowd we sang the Word of Life Hymn - in both languages. I didn't even think about that this was maybe my last time singing this "great" song. Now, more than a week later, looking back at this day.. I definitely feel the emptiness in me. A great chapter in my life has shut down. The hymn was followed by a prayer by our academic dean, then the director of WOL Hungary gave a short speech to remind us on who we are:
"Love the Lord! Be fully committed to Christ! Never get over the wonder of your salvation! Never get over the honor of being His servant! Serve Him with all you have, with all your heart, every day!" 
As a good-bye he read us, OT theologians a passage from Deuteronomy 6:4-7.
"Go out of here and make a difference for Christ!"
It wasn't a secular graduation, to God be the glory! After we sang, we could listen to the sing team singing their very last song together. Sadly, something went wrong with the amplification. Satan just didn't want us to have a perfect ceremony. He tried to spoil our day ignominiously.
"Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness." (Psalm 115:1)
The guest speaker this time was Ronnie Stevens - the pastor of Danube International Church. He was preaching about John 11. He chose a longer story from the Gospel. I just tell this because he didn't have enough time to finish. Mom and my aunt loved his preaching and I think also my Dad loved it, though they aren't believers. Or at least not in a born-again-way.
The dean of students was asked to pray for us students to commit our lives into the hands of God.

After the first year walked along the stage, the diplomas were granted also to us, second year class. Then came the awards. I didn't even dream about getting the "Outstanding Academic Award" for the highest GPA. I hoped to get it last year, but not now. I remember the day when I asked the academic dean to allow me to study this year in English. He was afraid that my grades would fall off... and see, I won! I "tied for first place honor"! :) (In Hungarian you can translate this phrase with one word. So I wanted to look it up in Anne of Green Gables, but everything I've found was only this phrase. How disappointing!)

Not only the students got awards, but also the dean of students in honor of serving faithfully ~ as a farewell gift.
After this one of my classmates, the second year voted for, should have given his farewell message, but there was no time left for it. So we sang the Hungarian National Anthem and we ran to the castle to take pictures. It had already begun to sprinkle so we shot a picture of the classes and staff together, then one of the first year (while Mom shot one of me with my aunt) and soon the storm arrived. There was no opportunity to take more pictures. Oh, I would have loved to have one with my parents. But it didn't work out. Second year picture was also taken inside the castle... As we were waiting for the lunch, André got his time back to say his final words to us. I'm so sorry that this wasn't recorded and I couldn't take notes. I asked him to send me his outline and/or the manuscript.
We spent a great time together with my family until my Dad said it was enough and he wanted to go home. I looked around and found just a few people so I went to them to hug them for the last time and after we put all my stuffs into the luggage trunk I went into the international girls' dorm but I only found two girls, only two! When my Dad loses his patience you have to hurry up, there is no time for nonsense. Nonsense this time means to find the others. It's so sad, because I couldn't say good bye to those I won't ever see again in this life - most likely. I wonder what will happen at my wedding reception. My family wants me to stay at their side and it's not always my job to be around... He was angry when we finally left though I didn't do anything wrong... and I am sad because I couldn't bid farewell to my beloved friends. Leaving is never easy and I don't think that unsaid words make it easier. I miss & love y'all! GBU!


  1. "Love the Lord! Be fully committed to Christ! Never get over the wonder of your salvation! Never get over the honor of being His servant! Serve Him with all you have, with all your heart, every day!"

    What wonderful words to hear as a challange in serving God.

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  2. Word verification said I didn't do something right so I hope this goes through.

    I write and maintain a spiritual blog which I have titled “AccordingtotheBook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

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