Monday, June 6, 2011

Language exam and other things...

So, when we got home on Saturday I was k.o. I could hardly stay awake but it didn't make a sense to begin to unpack. I knew I couldn't have finished it in just a couple of hours. I don't remember any more what I was doing, but I guess I basically was waiting for my bedtime (right after taking Arthur for a walk), so more or less I was just vegetating. Till the postman came on Monday I was just speaking and sleeping - not even eating.

As I told, on Monday the postman came and he brought me a letter. My language exam in English was scheduled for Friday. I had to practice my English. So during the days I was either studying my old course books and grammatic books, I was reading Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure or was watching Anne of Green GablesAnne of Green Gables ~ The SequelAnne of Green Gables ~ The Continuing Story or an old time classic TV show - my favorite sitcom Full House. The next lines are familiar to you, aren't they? :)
Whatever happened to predictability / The milkman, the paperboy, evenin’ TV? / How did I get delivered here? Somebody tell me, please! / This old world’s confusing me / Clouds as mean as you’ve ever seen / Ain’t a bird that knows your tune / Then a little voice inside you whispers / Kid, don’t sell your dreams so soon / Everywhere you look (everywhere you look) / There’s a heart (there’s a heart) / A hand to hold onto / Everywhere you look (everywhere you look) / There’s a face / Of somebody who needs you / Everywhere you look / When you’re lost out there / And you’re all alone / A light is waiting to carry you home / Everywhere you look

I began with season 4 & 5 and found some cute songs. That's my favorite "lullaby" by the three men, Elvis' Teddybear (4X2). 

Soon, I got to Jesse's and Becky's wedding in Season 4 Episodes 18 & 19. I loved when John Stamos was singing Forever by The Beach Boys. It's only a short version - the wedding version with their old pictures and the choir singing in the background. You might wanna listen to it too. :) There will be a longer version later by Jesse & the Rippers. And now... Becky is about giving birth to their twin boys Nicky and Alex.

Last time when I tried this language exam, I picked a situation about shopping. I'm not a typical woman and I hate to go shopping. And I told this the examiners. So we skipped the situation. That's not good if you have only two tasks: situation and describing a picture. So now, when I was about to leave for the exam, my parents told me, that I liked shopping, I loved my university and I didn't want them to convert.
I was nervous when I got there, mostly because exams are too stressful for me and I'm afraid not even being able to tell my name, but that they would fail me because I speak American English not British - the "language" they expect. But when I entered the room, everything was ok. Of course I was praying outside for the whole time long. I greeted the two women in English and asked them if it was okay for me to come, because I was scheduled only for later (11 am), but nobody else was outside. First of all they asked me to pick one paper from one pile and and two from the other one. The one I had to give to the examiner and the two I had to turn to see the pictures. Now I could choose: fishmarket or library? I chose the library. Then they asked me what I was gonna do in the afternoon. I told them that I had to unpack my suitcases and boxes... they asked me why.. poor they. I began to advertise the Bible school. I told them about the school philosophy, the guest teacher program, why I was studying American English...
Then I had to describe the picture. But they didn't ask me to describe it but to tell about my habits going to a library. So mostly I was talking about my studies and thesis.
The last task was the situation. I had to "visit my friend" who just moved from her own house into an appartment in downtown. So while we were talking about her new appartment I told her how interesting it was that my parents wanted to move to a village. They had to stop me in both tasks, and I think it's good.
At 12 pm I had the listening comprehension in which I had to listen to a text (this time about digital books) and I had to answer the Hungarian questions in Hungarian. I think I did a pretty good job. But I'll get its result sometime in the next month. But when I came out our results from the previous exam were told. I got the most points!! I lost only a couple of points because of my American pronounciation and because I wasn't sure of the meaning of a word and I asked it and I said a German word... but shortly after saying it in German I also said it in English.. Unfortunately my result (if I failed the exam or passed it) depends on the listening comprehension. If I don't get enough points there, my 90 % of the first exam are in vain....

Today I went back to my pulmonologist for a check-up. She prescribed me partly the same medicins (for my allergy and asthma) but she also gave me a new inhaler - for urgent cases.
Shortly after I got home Mom's friend came to visit. Her granddaughter had questions about God, suffering, death... and she asked me to help to answer these questions on the level of a 5-years-old. I was smart and I asked her about her beliefs. It's not worth to answer questions biblically if she doesn't believe in it at all.. how could have she explained everything to that kid? So I shared the Gospel with her. She didn't make a decision but she has been thinking... I answered some of her questions too and my (God's) answer seemed to be logical to her. Please pray for her! I also adviced her to go to the WOL family day on next Monday, I hope they'll go! :)

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  1. ohh...good to read Magdi!:) and I liked the song!!:) I pray for you:) love you!