Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Orphanage ministry

Today’s program was to go to Gyömrő with the MR team. There is an orphanage and we went there in the afternoon to share the Gospel.
After classes I headed back to my dorm to change and get rid of my nametag and notebooks. We left right after lunch. In the bus I set next to Bethany and we tried to get to know each other a little more.
When we arrived to the orphanage and got off we immediately were surrounded by kids. We got the “command” to make friends, but it didn’t go easily at all. At least in the first five minutes the girls just craned their necks searching for American girls from last year… We tried to talk to them in vain they kept asking about the girls they knew (and I at least didn’t).
When the guys began to play soccer with the boys there, our girls asked us to go to the bench, which was next to the soccer field to root for them – or rather for the two Asian: Kazuki from Japan and Seo from South Korea. And beside they right away planned their wedding with them, they also asked various questions about who we were and why we came.
After the match we were asked to meet with the others and watch the program. But we were not only watching it, but we were a part of it. First we “danced” the “Tooty ta ta” and I couldn’t help but laughing the whole time. I wonder if I was enjoying it more or all those kids… Then we sat down – a cute little five year old boy was sitting on my lap and we were watching Chris doing his bicycle tricks. The children’s faces glowed while they were watching him!
After this we were divided into two groups. I first got into the group under 12 but then I was asked to go to the other group to help to translate there. In this group the teens were sitting in front of Nate who was sharing the gospel. He presented it very clearly. After explaining it precisely and praying the sinners’ prayer he asked them to raise their hands if they said it with him. There were a bunch of hands in the air. Nathan stepped back and asked them to come forward to us. We were talking in little groups with them. There were three girls in my group but don’t think any of them understood what he was talking about. We prayed for them anyway.
Meanwhile the other group was inside. The performed a little skit, shared the gospel and began to do face painting and make balloon-animals. After they had enough animals I also got a dog from Timbo.  Soon it was time for us to leave. Before getting on the bus my little boy, Márk ran to me to hug and say good bye. And then he spotted the dog… he wanted to have it so much and it was so good to see him smiling when I gave it to him.     

With Timbo and the DOG

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