Saturday, May 7, 2011

Missions Reality

You’d probably ask what Missions Reality is, but before you’d do, I answer the question. A course! :)  Missions Reality is one of the courses in second year at Word of Life – at least in New York. Students are going to different countries to serve God in every kind of ways. As far as I know Hungary was the only country from overseas where the students could come. A group about the size of 27 arrived on Friday night.
Today’s program was to go to the City Park (Városliget) in Budapest to evangelize there. Translators are always needed so I simply joined the group.
Emily was my partner and though we’ve never met before we got along with each other very well. We were mostly around the sketch board and were trying to reach people in the nearby who could have listened to the message.
We were talking to many people, sadly no decisions were made. But we had some very interesting conversations. Some were saying that we were members of a cult, a guy told as that we weren’t better than the Pharisees because we believe that there is only one way to Heaven and we didn’t accept other religions like Hinduism, Shamanism…      
There were also a little group of three and specially one of them seemed to be very interested. At first sight we thought he’s a seeker – meaning that he wanted to know God and began to read the Bible… we shared the Good News and he began to ask his questions… and we got farther and farther away from the Gospel. Then the guy began to quote the Bible – mostly Isaiah & Matthew. Then they changed the subject and began a debate about the “most important thing” according to them: keeping the Sabbath. We thought we were talking with Jews but we found out that they were Seventh-day Adventists. I don’t know anything about this church – they seemed to be Christians, at least in the worldly sense, but I have no idea what they really believe. If I’m not mistaken they believe in Jesus but their understanding about the Bible is to keep the Sabbath. So they didn’t really want to talk with us but the guy because we shared the Gospel in (and I’m quoting them) a “non-biblical way”. After a while we just asked them to pray for us and the people to have open heart and we left.   

With Anita, Amanda, Kristy & Nathan in the background

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