Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day of the princesses

I know that Friday was an important day in the life of the royal family in England because Prince William & Catherine Middleton got married on that day! Long live the royal couple, God bless their marriage!
I’m sure many princesses showed up for this event but I personally saw only a four-minutes-long video on tonight.

As for us: we had classes in the morning and after lunch my section of the found-raising-video was recorded. I was fairly disconcentrated… so basically we were recording it sentence by sentence... it’s weird if you consider I said only three of them. 
I slowly began to prepare for the evening. I borrowed a dress for our Princess Party then we took pictures (actually I also found a frog and did kiss him too - presumably he wasn't from the right breed: he is a tree frog and not a toad, so he didn't turn into a prince), grabbed our pillows and blankets and went up into the apartment of the dean of women. The party continued as a PJ Party with cakes and a marathon of Disney’s princess movies like (in the order we were watching them): The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled, Aladdin… I fell asleep somewhere in Tangled which is bad because it’s the only of the five I haven’t seen at all. And of course I liked my favorite the most! I also noticed how good dubbing actors we had… I mean of course in Hungarian. =) Sometimes the voice of the original and the Hungarians didn’t match at all, though I think the characters required the Hungarian voices, but sometimes – like in B&B the similarity was surprising. 
After sleeping just a couple of hours – at 7:13 everybody was awake, Megan began to make breakfast: real thick American pancakes! What else should have we done than watching another princess movie while having breakfast? But after The Sleeping Beauty we helped to move the furniture back to their original places, removed the decorations etc.                     

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