Thursday, May 26, 2011

The countdown has started

This is the last week of school with a weird schedule. First and second year have the same guest teacher - Dr. Wayne A. Vanderwier, the executive director of OIC (Overseas Instruction in Counseling) and while first year is studying Biblical Counseling 1. second year's class is Biblical Counseling 2. So when first year has classes, we don't - and reverse. But we don't have time to be bored, we have the final quizzes and tests, the due dates for reading and last but not least we have to pack our whole schoolyear into suitcases and boxes. The desks would have been taken out yesterday (they are still here but we had to put their contents into boxes) and tonight we have to bring our suitcases into an other dorm so that the cleaning can be started.

Though I didn't like the teacher and the course last year (don't ask me why, because I don't know the answer either) I'm enjoying it this year very much.
This course should help us to become biblical counselors, mentors... but it does way more - it helps me to understand who I am. In kind of case studies we learnt how we should act in different situations and I could see what my reactions and motivations are. I heard it many times that the problem is never the problem but the heart - but now I realized how sinful and deceitful my heart is!
It is so encouraging to know that the Gospel is not only for the lost people to get saved, but it's also for the saved ones. When I apply it for my life with Jesus' help I can choose not to sin! So next time, when evil thoughts are coming out of my heart, I just need to think of Jesus and in prayer cast them upon Him. I need to think about what He would do in the same situation... I need to repent and be obedient! It's good to know, that I'm never alone.

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