Saturday, May 14, 2011

Class Trip

It is so great to see how much God loves us... Many of us couldn't pay the amount we should have given for the class trip... and were working to collect at least a fewer amount. I also was one of them.
We knew that this would be the very first class trip (at least since years) and the deans wanted to make it special. Special in my dictionary often means expensive. Just think about it: the bus, the boat / ship, the dinner...
We left around 11 am and went by bus to Margaret Island (Margitsziget). We arrived at lunch time so everybody fell on the sandwiches... after we ate we played some games together. Together... dorms against dorms.
Then we sang worship songs - some children also came closer to us, one little boy also danced to the music. He was so cute... :) About three songs later the dean of students gave us his final speech. He won't speak at chapels in the next two weeks, so this was a kind of farewell. I remember him telling about a t-shirt he saw on somebody a while ago. It said: BE THE MOON - REFLECT THE SON! It's an important message to us to reflect the Son of God in everything we do.
By our rented bus we drove to the closest mall to get changed. Girls dressed in jeans, shorts, and t-shirts entered the mall and ladies in nice dresses with nice hairdo came out.
The bus brought us finally to the ship. Her name was Halászbástya - Fishermen's Bastion - like of the Fishermen's Bastion. :)

We spent the first hour almost just with eating. There were soup, a stake-like meat with potato, carrot, tomato, cauliflower and broccoli and dessert.
As we finished eating - during supper we could watch the digital yearbook, we left the dock and voyaged to the closest bridge to my house and then we turned and came back. We sent the whole time on the deck taking pictures. Thanks God we had a beautiful weather... the forecast told that it would be raining and I thought also that on the Danube it would be very windy but God cared also for the weather.
Thank you for all who had been praying for our class trip and last but not least my Heavenly Father! Without Him it wouldn't have been possible!

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