Thursday, May 26, 2011

The countdown has started

This is the last week of school with a weird schedule. First and second year have the same guest teacher - Dr. Wayne A. Vanderwier, the executive director of OIC (Overseas Instruction in Counseling) and while first year is studying Biblical Counseling 1. second year's class is Biblical Counseling 2. So when first year has classes, we don't - and reverse. But we don't have time to be bored, we have the final quizzes and tests, the due dates for reading and last but not least we have to pack our whole schoolyear into suitcases and boxes. The desks would have been taken out yesterday (they are still here but we had to put their contents into boxes) and tonight we have to bring our suitcases into an other dorm so that the cleaning can be started.

Though I didn't like the teacher and the course last year (don't ask me why, because I don't know the answer either) I'm enjoying it this year very much.
This course should help us to become biblical counselors, mentors... but it does way more - it helps me to understand who I am. In kind of case studies we learnt how we should act in different situations and I could see what my reactions and motivations are. I heard it many times that the problem is never the problem but the heart - but now I realized how sinful and deceitful my heart is!
It is so encouraging to know that the Gospel is not only for the lost people to get saved, but it's also for the saved ones. When I apply it for my life with Jesus' help I can choose not to sin! So next time, when evil thoughts are coming out of my heart, I just need to think of Jesus and in prayer cast them upon Him. I need to think about what He would do in the same situation... I need to repent and be obedient! It's good to know, that I'm never alone.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


How was the Ladies' Conference? With one word: awesome!
I was never at this kind of conference before. I wanted to come two years ago, but I got sick and I couldn't come. Last year we didn't have one, because we were celebrating the 20th anniversary... but now, finally, I was able to be a participant too.
I was asked by the guest services weeks before to help at the registration, so my day began early in the morning. We had breakfast at 7:00 and my work began at 7:40.
I was late from the first part because of my work, missed the second part in full, but what I heard was basically enough for me. It's not that I didn't like the conference or the speaker, but we clarified the definition of "forgiveness". Those who know me, who know my past, may remember what I was struggeling with. My life wasn't a fairytale and bad things also had happened to me. After I realized the worst thing in my life and I knew for sure that I belonged to Jesus I had to forgive. This wasn't easy at all. People always kept asking me if I could really forgive... and I said always "yes", though I was doubting that in my heart. You know when you are asked the same question for many times, you just start think about it. That's what I did. While I was thinking, Satan was whispering his lies to me... Sometimes I believed him, sometimes not and I knew that I had to make it sure. After years I had the opportunity to meet this person again to find out if I had really forgiven him. After talking with him - though he didn't ask me for forgiveness, I rather felt pity but no anger. On the other hand I knew that we would never got closer to each other again. However I was still malking thoughts if this was a real forgiveness. In my vocabulary forgiveness always meant peace and this was the very first time when I heard that people often mix two words: forgiveness and reconciliation.    
Forgiveness means to dismiss a debt, to refuge revenge, to release the right to hear "I'm sorry", to be bitter... Forgiveness requieres only one person (= me), it's one-way, a change of thinking about the offender, a free gift, unconditional and doesn't need repentance. Reconciliation then again requires at least two persons, is reciprocal, needs a change of behavior from the offender, is a restored relationship, conditional and based on repentance.
Many assume that reconciliation is needed in the process of forgiving... but it's not!


The speaker was June Hunt -  an author, singer, speaker and founder of several radio broadcasts heard daily around the world. "Meet her" at         
As I told the theme of the conference was forgiveness based on her book: How To Forgive... When You Don't Feel Like It.
Product description at Forgiveness is very hard for most of us, especially if the wrong done against you was very painful or the person who hurt you is not repentant. How can you forgive when you don't feel like it? Sometimes it seems easier to cling to resentment rather than letting go. In "How to Forgive...When You Don't Feel Like It" Biblical counselor June Hunt uses compassion and truth to help readers learn from Jesus' own example of how to forgive.
Her books were of course sold at the conference, and I not only bought one, but I asked her to sign it.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hey everybody!
Graduation is on next Saturday! :) We start at 11 am (CET) which means for my friends from oversea 5/4c in the morning. I'm just writing it to inform you because the gradutaion will be broadcast live here. If you cannot watch it live, but you don't want to miss it, the recording will be available at the same link to watch it later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Solid Foundation

Today when I was uploading my pictures from the ministry of the Missions Reality team and the many of our class trip last week I checked our Bible school director's wall and I found the link to our scholarship fund. I thought it could be also interesting for you. So if you would like to know what is this Solid Foundation Scholarship Fund, and wonder how you could donate to help God's people to become more equipped in the Word of God, click here. You also might be interested just in my "message" (which was recorded only once and I didn't really know what to say).. watch it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Class Trip

It is so great to see how much God loves us... Many of us couldn't pay the amount we should have given for the class trip... and were working to collect at least a fewer amount. I also was one of them.
We knew that this would be the very first class trip (at least since years) and the deans wanted to make it special. Special in my dictionary often means expensive. Just think about it: the bus, the boat / ship, the dinner...
We left around 11 am and went by bus to Margaret Island (Margitsziget). We arrived at lunch time so everybody fell on the sandwiches... after we ate we played some games together. Together... dorms against dorms.
Then we sang worship songs - some children also came closer to us, one little boy also danced to the music. He was so cute... :) About three songs later the dean of students gave us his final speech. He won't speak at chapels in the next two weeks, so this was a kind of farewell. I remember him telling about a t-shirt he saw on somebody a while ago. It said: BE THE MOON - REFLECT THE SON! It's an important message to us to reflect the Son of God in everything we do.
By our rented bus we drove to the closest mall to get changed. Girls dressed in jeans, shorts, and t-shirts entered the mall and ladies in nice dresses with nice hairdo came out.
The bus brought us finally to the ship. Her name was Halászbástya - Fishermen's Bastion - like of the Fishermen's Bastion. :)

We spent the first hour almost just with eating. There were soup, a stake-like meat with potato, carrot, tomato, cauliflower and broccoli and dessert.
As we finished eating - during supper we could watch the digital yearbook, we left the dock and voyaged to the closest bridge to my house and then we turned and came back. We sent the whole time on the deck taking pictures. Thanks God we had a beautiful weather... the forecast told that it would be raining and I thought also that on the Danube it would be very windy but God cared also for the weather.
Thank you for all who had been praying for our class trip and last but not least my Heavenly Father! Without Him it wouldn't have been possible!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The last day

The time has come, the American team has to go home... How sad! Though kids' club isn't my ministry I asked Jill if she needed one more translator for the afternoon. Actually she didn't but she told me that I could come! I knew that the MR team was going to do the program and that this would be the closing meeting of the club for this year but I really wanted to be a part of it. They also came on Monday to my Bible club and though they principally just observed us, we played "knots" and sang How Great Is Our God with them at the beginning.
Anyway I really wanted to serve and to spend time with them together.
We arrived about half an hour earlier than the kids and we used our time to pray for this whole event: for the kids and the team. We began with some games like "straddle-tig" and "4 corners" then we "danced" to my favorite icebreaker this time with Stu and along with Timothy's leading on the guitar we sang All Because Of Jesus. Then the team performed a little skit based on Jesus' parabel "The Good Samaritan" and Adam shared the Gospel. The raised hands showed that also decisions were made. :)
After the serious part we had fun again with cookies, cakes, biscuits, soda / pop and juice, and of course the balloon- and painted animals / flowers. I also got a flower from Amanda. :)
After this ministry I was asked to meet one of our IT members to record a video for the scholarship fund - more about this later!
At 8 o'clock the campfire began. I couldn't go on time, but when I arrived they were singing worship songs. When I sat down they began to share how God provided them this missions trip and how blessed this whole week was. It was so encouraging to hear them! We serve an Almighty God! I think at least fifteen ot twenty people shared his personal story and testimony before Timothy closed the evening with a prayer. I'm sure that God will use these guys and girls for His glory!

W/ Emily & Amanda

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Giver of every breath I breathe
Author of all eternity
Giver of every perfect thing
To You be the glory

Maker of Heaven and of earth
No one can comprehend Your worth
King over all the universe
To You be the glory

And I am alive because I'm alive in You

And it's all because of Jesus I'm alive
It's all because the blood of Jesus Christ
It covers me and raised this dead man's life
It's all because of Jesus I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

Giver of every breath I breathe
Author of all eternity
Giver of every perfect thing
To You be the glory

Maker of Heaven and of earth
No one can comprehend Your worth
King over all the universe
To You be the glory

And I am alive because I'm alive in You

And it's all because of Jesus I'm alive
And it's all because the blood of Jesus Christ
It covers me and raised this dead man's life
It's all because of Jesus

Every sunrise sings Your praise
The universe cries out Your praise
Singing freedom all my days
Now that I'm alive

And it's all because of Jesus I'm alive
It's all because the blood of Jesus Christ
It covers me and raised this dead man's life
It's all because of Jesus

And it's all because of Jesus I'm alive
It's all because the blood of Jesus Christ
It covers me and raised this dead man's life
It's all because of Jesus

It's all because of Jesus I'm alive
It's all because the blood of Jesus Christ
It covers me and raised this dead man's life
It's all because of Jesus

I'm alive, I'm alive
I'm alive, because of Jesus
I'm alive, I'm alive

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Six women in the kitchen

"The cute girl in the pink shirt" (c) by Jill 
We have mentor chapels every second week. Usually we have to read one or two chapters from the book “The Pursuit of Holiness” by Jeff Bridges and we discuss it in little groups. In my group there are six women: three mentors and their mentees. I don’t exactly know how the idea came, maybe because two of us are finishing second year and Becky is gonna be engaged soon but the mentors had the idea to teach us how to cook. The date was set for today afternoon. We went to Jill and met the mentors there. We had a great time together we were eating and talking a lot and took some pictures… I hope that I won’t be sick at night… I’m so tired, I want to sleep! Nighty night…

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Orphanage ministry

Today’s program was to go to Gyömrő with the MR team. There is an orphanage and we went there in the afternoon to share the Gospel.
After classes I headed back to my dorm to change and get rid of my nametag and notebooks. We left right after lunch. In the bus I set next to Bethany and we tried to get to know each other a little more.
When we arrived to the orphanage and got off we immediately were surrounded by kids. We got the “command” to make friends, but it didn’t go easily at all. At least in the first five minutes the girls just craned their necks searching for American girls from last year… We tried to talk to them in vain they kept asking about the girls they knew (and I at least didn’t).
When the guys began to play soccer with the boys there, our girls asked us to go to the bench, which was next to the soccer field to root for them – or rather for the two Asian: Kazuki from Japan and Seo from South Korea. And beside they right away planned their wedding with them, they also asked various questions about who we were and why we came.
After the match we were asked to meet with the others and watch the program. But we were not only watching it, but we were a part of it. First we “danced” the “Tooty ta ta” and I couldn’t help but laughing the whole time. I wonder if I was enjoying it more or all those kids… Then we sat down – a cute little five year old boy was sitting on my lap and we were watching Chris doing his bicycle tricks. The children’s faces glowed while they were watching him!
After this we were divided into two groups. I first got into the group under 12 but then I was asked to go to the other group to help to translate there. In this group the teens were sitting in front of Nate who was sharing the gospel. He presented it very clearly. After explaining it precisely and praying the sinners’ prayer he asked them to raise their hands if they said it with him. There were a bunch of hands in the air. Nathan stepped back and asked them to come forward to us. We were talking in little groups with them. There were three girls in my group but don’t think any of them understood what he was talking about. We prayed for them anyway.
Meanwhile the other group was inside. The performed a little skit, shared the gospel and began to do face painting and make balloon-animals. After they had enough animals I also got a dog from Timbo.  Soon it was time for us to leave. Before getting on the bus my little boy, Márk ran to me to hug and say good bye. And then he spotted the dog… he wanted to have it so much and it was so good to see him smiling when I gave it to him.     

With Timbo and the DOG

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Missions Reality

You’d probably ask what Missions Reality is, but before you’d do, I answer the question. A course! :)  Missions Reality is one of the courses in second year at Word of Life – at least in New York. Students are going to different countries to serve God in every kind of ways. As far as I know Hungary was the only country from overseas where the students could come. A group about the size of 27 arrived on Friday night.
Today’s program was to go to the City Park (Városliget) in Budapest to evangelize there. Translators are always needed so I simply joined the group.
Emily was my partner and though we’ve never met before we got along with each other very well. We were mostly around the sketch board and were trying to reach people in the nearby who could have listened to the message.
We were talking to many people, sadly no decisions were made. But we had some very interesting conversations. Some were saying that we were members of a cult, a guy told as that we weren’t better than the Pharisees because we believe that there is only one way to Heaven and we didn’t accept other religions like Hinduism, Shamanism…      
There were also a little group of three and specially one of them seemed to be very interested. At first sight we thought he’s a seeker – meaning that he wanted to know God and began to read the Bible… we shared the Good News and he began to ask his questions… and we got farther and farther away from the Gospel. Then the guy began to quote the Bible – mostly Isaiah & Matthew. Then they changed the subject and began a debate about the “most important thing” according to them: keeping the Sabbath. We thought we were talking with Jews but we found out that they were Seventh-day Adventists. I don’t know anything about this church – they seemed to be Christians, at least in the worldly sense, but I have no idea what they really believe. If I’m not mistaken they believe in Jesus but their understanding about the Bible is to keep the Sabbath. So they didn’t really want to talk with us but the guy because we shared the Gospel in (and I’m quoting them) a “non-biblical way”. After a while we just asked them to pray for us and the people to have open heart and we left.   

With Anita, Amanda, Kristy & Nathan in the background

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An other point of view

Tonight, no, it was afternoon - ok, it doesn't matter at all, when it was - the other dorm (Costa Rica) did the girls' devo. They were talking about casting all our cares on Jesus because He cares for us.

After Lauren asked us to write our cares on a piece of paper - we could be perfectly honest and could list things we never wanted anybody to know about, because we were assured those things were to stay between God and me. It was kind of discouraging that I could list so many thoughts showing how little my faith is or how I like to worry. So after Lauren asked us to list our cares, Nikki read 1 Peter 5:7 ~ Cast all your cares on him for He cares for you ~ reminding us how rarely we claim the gospel in our everyday life. When Jesus died, he took all our cares, our worries, all our burdens on himself. 
When you look on your list it's easy to become worried or discontent, but why is it so hard for me to cover my cares with the blood of Jesus? I mean, it's one of the reasons He died for! 
Then Nikki asked us to look on our list, but this time not in the light of the world but through the light of the blood of our Saviour. 
Try it! You'll see how little your huge problems appear when you're looking on them from an other perspective. 

While music was playing (Turn your eyes upon Jesus) we could silently pray for our worries, we could cast them on Christ and put our papers into a bowl full of red liquid - symbolising the blood of Jesus. Why do you want to take back your cares? We surely didn't want to have back our messy papers from the bowl... 
It's not easy to get rid of the cares, but we can and should go to Christ every day! So just do it!    

Thank you Nikki to let God work through you. Thanks for encouraging me and sharing your heart with us!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day of the princesses

I know that Friday was an important day in the life of the royal family in England because Prince William & Catherine Middleton got married on that day! Long live the royal couple, God bless their marriage!
I’m sure many princesses showed up for this event but I personally saw only a four-minutes-long video on tonight.

As for us: we had classes in the morning and after lunch my section of the found-raising-video was recorded. I was fairly disconcentrated… so basically we were recording it sentence by sentence... it’s weird if you consider I said only three of them. 
I slowly began to prepare for the evening. I borrowed a dress for our Princess Party then we took pictures (actually I also found a frog and did kiss him too - presumably he wasn't from the right breed: he is a tree frog and not a toad, so he didn't turn into a prince), grabbed our pillows and blankets and went up into the apartment of the dean of women. The party continued as a PJ Party with cakes and a marathon of Disney’s princess movies like (in the order we were watching them): The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Tangled, Aladdin… I fell asleep somewhere in Tangled which is bad because it’s the only of the five I haven’t seen at all. And of course I liked my favorite the most! I also noticed how good dubbing actors we had… I mean of course in Hungarian. =) Sometimes the voice of the original and the Hungarians didn’t match at all, though I think the characters required the Hungarian voices, but sometimes – like in B&B the similarity was surprising. 
After sleeping just a couple of hours – at 7:13 everybody was awake, Megan began to make breakfast: real thick American pancakes! What else should have we done than watching another princess movie while having breakfast? But after The Sleeping Beauty we helped to move the furniture back to their original places, removed the decorations etc.