Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reshaping It ALL

Several years ago I googled Candace Cameron (back then I didn't know she got married and her name was Bure) because she was playing my favorite character on "Full House" and I was curious what she's been doing in the past 10some years. I "like" her on facebook and am following her on twitter but in the spring break I was reading her website and I found out that her book "Reshaping It All" was just released. Then I was searching other books on and I found hers too. There you also can "view inside" so I read all the pages the website allowed me to read. I also watched some videos - interviews of her talking about her book and her motivation to write it and I got enthusiastic easily. Some days ago, I guess because of Candace's post on twitter I got to know that there would be a 65 days long challenge. Everyone can take part in it and follow the posts here even if you don't have the book. But I wish I'd have it!
Thanks to Darlene Schacht for creating this webpage and also to Candace Cameron Bure for letting God using her and working in the hearts of people through her!

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