Friday, April 29, 2011

"But as for me, I trust in You." (Ps. 55:23)

This week is just awesome! I can’t tell how much I love my God!
The Bible school is planning to have a class trip on May 14th. We had three options to choose from: Ten-pin-bowling is fun but it doesn’t take much time to play… I was playing several times just in this quarter and I think it was enough. Some of us didn’t know if she / he would rather go to an excursion, to a real class trip or to have a fine dinner on a ship on the Danube with view to the lit up city, but we agreed in dining together to make our evening the most memorable. 
Now the next step is to give money for the trip. We were all asked individually how much money we could give for this goal. To raise money we also were given the opportunity to do chores at staff’s houses, so I couldn’t say an exact amount when I was asked but I told them as much as I could earn. Before spring break I was working in one of the apartments but it seems to be the only “job” that could be offered for me. 
After I found an envelop this week in my box I just looked into it and ran to the first person who’s collecting the money for the class trip and I asked her if she could correct the number beside my name and I immediately gave her the money just as it was with the envelop.

I have no idea what I will be wearing at the graduation in four weeks. I would like to wear a dress but I didn’t want to wear the one I was wearing last year and then on my cousin’s wedding. I knew I can’t buy a new one and I had an other dress in my mind but when I tried it on I couldn’t put it on. I have this dress since years and I’m out of my shape. I gained about 18 lbs in my first year but since then I lost about 13 this year. But I’m still way much bigger than I was (still about 22 lbs less than now!) at the time I bought it. Very disappointing. At that night I literally cried to the Lord to help me in this situation. On the next day Mom lent me one of her costume jackets that I should have worn with black pants (I brought both my “old” dress and the jacket Mom gave me)… but I was told here that I’m not allowed to wear pants on graduation day. 
Today I found money in my box again. It was folded into a white paper and there was something written on it: Ps. 55:23. I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to go shopping before graduation but this money will be surely saved up for a dress.           

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