Monday, April 25, 2011

At home for Easter

Before I would start to tell the story about my Easter I have to tell you that this was defintelly one of my best Easters ever. And I think that this was my best visit at home since I'm studying in the "Bridal Institute" :) which is not really true for this one. At least not for the Hungarians. 
I have awesome parents and I liked to spend time with them! My Mom was joyous to have me back home for a couple days again, but I don't think I have seen my Dad smiling that much in the past years! Though he'd never tell or admit it, I could see how much he misses me after all.  

Somehow the date of spring break didn’t coincide with the time of Easter this year, but my Mom asked me to go home for Easter too. I asked my Dad to come for me because to go by car is cheaper than by bus / train. And I also began to move home so I needed more suitcases and bags. On the one hand I couldn’t take home all these stuff by myself and on the other hand he had to bring me them.
After breaking my record in packing we left for home. I hoped that Mom asked him to go to a grocery so I asked him if he had to buy something because I had to. He told me that he had already made two trips to the grocery but he would stop for me to buy Easter bunnies. In the first store I couldn’t find anything delicious so we had to stop again. The second store wasn’t much better either so I began to ask him if he would like this or that chocolate / dessert. 
At home I was talking with Mom for hours. She was recently reading the Gospel of John so beside we were talking about various things had happened I gave her almost the 10 class hours with all the parrot-jokes from Dr. Stanley Toussaint.  
I didn’t do much at the weekend; I mean I didn’t really do anything which has something to do with Easter, because I had to study a lot. I was working on my thesis but I also had to prepare my preaching for Biblical Communication 3, which will be tomorrow and I have to do a 25 ± 5 minutes long evangelistic preaching about Revelation 5:11-14. 

On Sunday my sister and her family came to visit, we had lunch together and as a break I was watching a movie with my nephews. I couldn’t really find an Easter-movie, so we were simply watching The Prince of Egypt.
While watching the movie I told Balázs, that he might learn about Moses during the week of camp when he’s coming. Shocked he answered me that he wanted to learn about Jesus here! :) I was so happy and proud to hear it. I assured him, that he’ll learn about Jesus, but in WOL camps – at least in Hungary there are two Bible studies each day. In the morning the kids are learning a story – this year our theme is Egypt, so I think there will be weeks about Moses, Joseph… but in the evenings there will be evangelizing.

Though we’re not used to give big presents – we surprise each other mostly with a candy bar, chocolate bunny or a marzipan egg on Resurrection Day, this year I got a bigger present from my parents. The three of us went today to the National Gallery to see Mihály Munkácsy’s (a Hungarian painter from the past century) famous trilogy. You can also see the pictures here:    

"Christ before Pilate" (1881)
"Golgotha" (1884)
"Ecce homo" (1896)

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