Thursday, March 24, 2011


Questions. More questions. One answer. God is sovereign. He gives but He also takes away. What could have been God's plan with this? They were unbelievers!
My Mom called me today to ask if I heard the news... In a town not far away from Budapest in a family house two women (mother and daughter) were killed. The daughter herself had a 3-months old little daughter.
The mother was widowed and very happy to have her first grandchild. The daughter was working in high position and she always wanted to have a family of her own! She got to know her boyfriend / partner about 1.5-2 years ago.
Yesterday this guy sent a note to the police stated he had left a little baby in that house. The police went out to the address and beside the baby (she's doing fine, though she had to be taken to the hospital because of dehydration) they found the bodies of her mother and grandmother.
Since the address was announced in the news my aunt tried to call her former colleague (one of her closest friends) to make sure those two women were not they! But nobody answered the phone. After a while the police called my aunt to ask her who she was and why she wanted to talk to these women.. She found out immediately that her friend and her daughter died.
Murder seems to be so far away.. it's so incomprehensible. You may think that rape and murder could never happen to you or to your loved ones... until it happens.
Please pray for that little girl and her family (though I don't know much about them the grandmother was widowed and her daughter was an only child), pray for the police that they can find and arrest the father of the baby and also for this man, that he regrets his sins and he may find peace and new life in Jesus Christ.

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