Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's cook together!

We had a cooking fellowship today! Yay!! :) The wife of our academic dean came up with the idea to cook with students together. We had to re-schedule it several times, because on one Friday we had classes on the other Tabitha and Andy went to the Czech, but today was the day when we were fellowshipping.
When I arrived the others were all there, but I just had to be late. I don't mean I had to, but I was writing a test in the morning - I made up Zechariah, the last but one missing from the fall quater. It definitely was hard.
So when I came to the Maters' they had been already cooking. I also got a task - the salad.

After we got ready we set the table, prayed and ate.
Oh, I almost forgot, the menu was the following:
- White Garlic Alfredo Sauce with noodles
- Bacon Drop Biscuits
- Broccoli Salad
- Mixed Berry Cobbler
- and Raspberry Smoothies.


We also enjoyed the afternoon. After washing the dishes - thanks Richie! :) I think we all wanted to take a nap, just like Eden. Oh my gosh, she was so cute. She came to everyone to say "Good night" and she hugged and kissed all of us! But after a while we went to the living room to play games... actually we agreeded in one: WII! :)) I think Hungarians know it if they know the Maters! :) We were playing kart, bowling, tennis, golf... it was really a fun day with many many delicious food!

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