Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Before you would ask, IWD stands for International Women's Day - exactly what we have today. I don't really know what it is and why we "celebrate" it, but somehow for me it means only an occasion when men can express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.
Months ago, when we had "Genesis" in December, one of my classmates (he isn't really my classmate 'cause he's "only" a first year student) asked me during class if we in Hungary celebrate this day. I almost forgot this story but as the day approached I was wondering if Ivan would do something for today. And he did!
2 Chronicles 16:9
Yesterday evening he came to the girls' dorms, asked the R.A.-s to come out and gave them flowers and chocolates to give us girls as a gift for IWD! I think it was very nice of him, especially if I consider, that he was the only guy giving us something... Other guys wished me a happy women's day too, I also got several text and facebook messages, but that's all.
Thank you again, for your kindness! :)

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