Monday, March 7, 2011

In Love w/ J.A.

A busy weekend with nice nights and girlish movies. During the days I was studying hard - I had to write a paper about witnessing to a Jew in "World Religions" and also prepare for the tests in Ezekiel and World Religions and ministry on Monday.
K. Knightley & Matthew Macfadyen 
But in the evenings.. I watched movies.
With Becky, Laura and Rebecca I watched the new "Pride and Prejudice"... I think it was good that I know the story and that Lydia and Wickham didn't get a big role because I dislike both of them, but I also missed many parts. My advice is (if you have time) to watch the longer one with the real Mr. Darcy - Colin Firth.

Then with Monca (and one of them both with Monca & Becky) I watched "Becoming Jane". It was just absolutely awesome! :)
I didn't know much about Jane Austen's life before watching this movie and I was of course sad that her and Thomas LeFroy's love couldn't be fulfilled.
I was told, those women write about love, marriage and happiness, who never lived it through. They live in a kind of dreamworld and fall in love with their fictive characters... they just write about a life they would like to live. But I think it's not the case for Miss Austen. She was inspired by her own experiences. She was in love and was loved in return. Though Mr. Darcy (I think his name is Fitzwilliam, what an uncool name) is the fictive adequacy of Thomas LeFroy, Austen and LeFroy didn't play the role of Elizabeth and Darcy, but in their life there was sense and sensibility where the sense won the battle of love.

James McAvoy with Anne Hathaway in Becoming Jane

In Sunday evening we could choose between "Mansfield Park" and "Emma". Though I'm not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, I really wanted to give her a chance, but then I read the cover of the dvds and the guideline to MP reminded me on Anne of Green Gables. Not on Anne, but on a scene in The Sequel, where Katherine Brooke tells her story to Anne. She was raised up away from home at her uncle's I think and she was always made felt that she's not on their social level.

"I know I'm not social and people hate me. Do you think it doesn't hurt that I'm always neglected and overlooked at social functions? I'm sorry. I've never been able to swallow all the snubs and pokes I've received here in my life. I remember every single one. For fifteen years, I had to endure relatives who cared as little for me as my dead parents. I've lived in third-rate boarding houses that froze in winter and stank in summer. I've worn their cast-off clothes. Fortunately, I had brains. I made it through college and I paid them back every cent. Oh, yes, I'm independent now. The truth is I hate teaching. But, there's nothing else that I can do."  

Frances O'Connor & Jonny Lee Miller in MP
Becky saw Emma several times, but the cue was said by Monca. And we watched the Mansfield Park.
Fanny Price didn't have a nice childhood either, though it was nicer than Katherine's. I was glad that she and Edmund made friends. Actually I was thinking about their relationship, if they were truly cousins and if yes it could have been possible for them to get married. All is well that ends well, they did. *sighs* :))

I think, I'm tuned to Jane Austen's novels. If I ever graduate from university I will read all of her books. We have a collection of them at home. Mom began recently to reread her novels and we also bought her the missing volumes. I have the chance, now I need the time.

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