Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Excursion with my clubbers

W/ Zsófi & Olivia
I know I didn’t write about my ministry this year. Yes, I have one but I didn’t think it was interesting enough that  I should have written about it. Basically I have ministry every Monday afternoon. 
I am the only student having Bible club, beside me there is one of my teachers (we’re going in his church) and an intern guy. They are teaching along with the pastor there. Zoli is responsible mostly for the music and I for the games during the clubs and I also try to disciple the girls. There are only three of them: the fifteen years old inseparable friends, Márta & Zsófia and a seventeen years old Olivia.
Yesterday afternoon was just awesome. Though we meet almost every Monday since September we don’t really have the opportunity just to go away and talk, but tonight we were more informal and we went to play ten-pin-bowling. 
It really helped a lot, that we were in the same team and we had a whole row in the van to talk. They really told me things, secrets in their lives they didn’t mention before.
It was a very blessed time with my girls.  

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