Friday, March 11, 2011

Crazyness on its peak

Since I get answers from my consultants so rarely I'm very afraid that I can't accomplish writing my thesis' on time. I'm often sick and really need those tranquilizers to help me to fall asleep.
I knew I had time for applying for my qualifying examination in teaching till the end of next week, and I often tried to register online but the website was never updated / opened till this week. So I tried to apply yesterday evening during the second study hour. But I read - if I don't go to the exam, whether I'm sick, haven't finished my thesis' or I couldn't pass the state-exam in my major, I need to pay 12,000 Ft (ca. $60). But huh, I don't have that much money... Conclusion: I don't sit on the splice and I don't apply.
Just to assure myself I went to the website of the faculty of philosophy and checked the data. Everything seemed to be alright but I wrote an email also to my student affairs clerk to ask her if the information I've found online are the same in real life...
At the end of the study hours I was so stressed out that I couldn't concentrate in devo (~ prayer group on Thursdays) at all... none the less I was leading the group.
The clerk called me today to tell the check-in time for the state-exam was up in the middle of February... BUT if I bring the filled out paper today or latest next week, they will accept it. I barely have money, but now I had to come home... of course the university was closed when I arrived... but I won a weekend at home (I was so ready for it). Now I have to go back on Monday... Thanks God second year doesn't have classes but chapel on Monday and I can go back for the test. If I can make it before ministry??  

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