Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christian Family in Esztergom

How I was looking forward having this course! I was waiting for this many years long since I wanted to come to Bible school (the end of 2005). I knew it’s a second year course and not even at the beginning of the last school year did I know that one day I could be part of a wonderful class trip called “Christian Family”. 
But the time had come… Last Tuesday we packed our bags and waited eagerly till 3 pm to leave to Esztergom. We arrived at about 5 pm and were almost late for the young adult meeting. André, one of my classmates was speaking about plans (involved God in them!) according to the book of James.
After having supper with the group I had the opportunity to talk with the pastor Marc Patton and I immediately told him that we already had known each other and we also have had a mutual friend. (When we had to write an essay on a spiritual leader in “Nehemiah” I did a little research about my person and I found out, that both men are members of BIMI (Baptist International Missions, Inc.). I was very interested whether they know each other and they do! :)
A bit later Laura and I were introduced to our host family – mother, son & younger daughter. We went “home” with them, but the son had the wonderful idea going sightseeing in the night. Three of us took to the road to see the city. We wanted to see the famous cathedral (Esztergom Basilica) lit up, but we had bad luck, it was as dark as the night. After standing next to the cathedral watching the lights of Slovakia, Gergő invited us for tea in his favorite tea house. Though he advised us to drink Jasmine tea I wanted to try something new and I ordered a Japanese rice tea. It was pretty unsavory. Imagine cooking rice and drink from that water… if you can, you know how my tea tasted. But we had a nice conversation with him and we stayed till closing hour. At home he showed us some pictures of persons (his family) he was talking about and we said good night.  
I personally had a terrible night! Laura didn’t have alarm clock and I was afraid mine wouldn’t turn on. In my dream (nightmare) I woke up after 8 am (our first class began at 8:30) and I tried to wake up Laura for a long time (ca. 20 minutes long) and I thought she never would wake up… That’s the only dream I can remember, although I woke up in every second hour and every time I knew what I was dreaming before. 
At 6:43 the alarm went on and I was k.o. After having our quiet time and prepared for the day we had breakfast – the mother baked “Barches” or “Challah” a Jewish twisted sweet bread for Sabbath and feasts – and Gergő took us back to the church for classes. In the morning we had 4 classes, after lunch Marc took us to the cathedral and we had several hours to see it and a part of the city while walking back. 
 In the afternoon we had two more classes – in the first we were divided, Marc taught the guys while we were   talking about the “steps toward marriage” with Marc’s wife, Charin.                                                             
After the second class hour we made a pizza party! Yummy! I ate so much – it was more than enough. Marc wanted to take all the girls home, but I protested… to no effect. I wanted to walk home since we knew the way and I don’t think it would have been more than ten minutes to get to the family, but Marc was adamant. He called Gergő and less than in two minutes he stood in the door. He wanted to take us into the city, Laura was unsure where to go.. and a roundabout came. I hate roundabouts. And he just was driving round and round till we decided where we wanted to go. On the verge of getting sick I said the final word… we went back home, because my batteries were in our room. I grabbed them and we agreed to go into the city when the mother had the idea to play cards. We didn’t want to be impolite and I also wanted to spend time with the family so we stayed. We were playing “Solo” and “Skip-Bo” about two hours long… then Laura went to bed and I stayed with the family talking. They are such a nice family! I really miss them! 
Us "kids"
Since I drank a coffee in the afternoon I couldn’t fall asleep. I was lying in my bed, listening to Laura’s snuffle and to the rain. It began to rain at 0:55 am. I don’t know when I finally could fall asleep but I woke up around 4 am… and I was waiting for the morning awake. Strange, but I wasn’t sleepy or tired at all.
With Laura I decided to pack our bags before breakfast because we didn’t know if we could have come back to the family during the day. I wanted to say good-bye to the family but they thought we would see each other in church in the evening. Also Gergő told that he would have come to church if he had arrived from work till 7 pm. So I was sure that the meeting would start at 7 pm. I was wrong.
After having 4 class hours and lunch we wanted to go sightseeing to Štúrovo, Slovakia, but the rain was pouring so hard that Marc invited us for an hour ten-pin-bowling. I haven’t play since 2006 or 2007 and I was really bad… though better than the others but Marc! :) 
I also came to know that Bible study was at 5:30 pm and I was pretty upset because I thought I wouldn’t see my host family again. But they came! Before the service I talked with the younger daughter, after it the Mother came to me. And I also was introduced to the older daughter and her sons, so the three women were talking, while Gergő was playing with his nephews. At once, Emilia from nothing appeared to tell me to go with her, because we had to leave… I didn’t even have time to say good bye to the family.
Short before 10 pm we arrived to Tóalmás.
I really enjoyed every moment of these 2 days, I made friends with some girls beside my host family… and I definitely want to go back to visit!

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