Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who am I?

Tonight in girls' devo our speaker, the guest teachers wife Mrs. Gower asked us several questions like:

- Who am I?
- Who do I think I am?
- Who am I striving to be like?
- Who do I want to be?
- Why do I let people discourage me? Why do I want to be like somebody else? God created me the way I am and nobody else can be me!

Psalm 47:6
I am the daughter of the king! 

Psalm 45:7
I am anointed be the oil of joy. God set me above. Do I really live like that?

Psalm 40:5
The things God has planned for me none can't count.

Psalm 33:6
The King of the universe calls me His daughter.

Psalm 147:4
If the stars are important how much more His daughter?

Psalm 29
He talks to us with a still gentle voice.

Psalm 25:14-19
The Lord confides in me, He trusts me. God wants to be gracious to me.

Girls' devo in the deans' office.

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