Thursday, February 24, 2011


Bible prophecies are kinda incomprehensible if I read them, but not any more when I'm studying them.
Exactly, we are studying Bible prophecies.

I knew there were prophecies in the book of Daniel, but I didn't know they are at hand. There are prophecies already fulfilled - it's worth know human history - and other prophecies in the Bible which can help to interpret these.
I am thankful to our guest teacher (Josh's grandfather) Dr. Jimmy DeYoung for coming here to teach us, but I'm more thankful to God who told about these things thousands of years ago.
Guys, it's worth to know and study the Bible to understand all these things - even history today.

EVERYTHING is prepared for the antichrist to come. And maybe he's here. There is a perfect prototype living today... and only God knows (no, not even Satan), if he will be the "chosen" man... scary.

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