Monday, January 31, 2011

~Spiritual Leaders~

This week (01/31-02/03) we are studying the book of Nehemiah. At first I imagined how boring this week would be... I had not read this book recently and all I remembered from Old Testament Survey was that he rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem. For me there is nothing exciting about building a wall.. But Nehemiah was not only rebuilding it, but he was praying.. A LOT.
Sometimes I think that God knows everything (which is a fact) but I tend not to tell Him everything because of that. I like to tell people I trust what I am going through because it is good sometimes to have somebody with compassion, to hug and a shoulder to cry on. And I often forget that God is waiting for me to talk to Him.
Nehemiah was a great spiritual leader and is a big example even today and even for me. He did not do anything without telling it to God or asking Him for advice. This is also what I have to do.
Please pray for me that He will be #1 in my life and that I always remember to go to Him first!

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