Friday, December 10, 2010

(Un)Happy Birthday!

Hmm... delicious! :)
How can be a day like this happy? It's rather unhappy. (Actually I would lie, if I said nothing merry happened.. if I'm just thinking about my cake from Laura...)
And I think a happy un-birthday is much more fun than an unhappy birthday... Somebody told me about "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". I remember seeing it once, but all I remember is that they were celebrating their un-birthday. No idea how this was translated into Hungarian.
But what matters, this week we were told that one student (from first year) cannot come back after Christmas... today after the test we also were told that an other guy won't be able to come back. Test-cleaning-bad news.. + saying good-byes because everybody is leaving for break... This really isn't a happy day..

It's not the best picture of the two.. but I'll miss'em! :(


On this day we also wanted to take some pictures of all six of us. We wanted to do it right after the test, but after the bad news were told we couldn't act like we were happy. But we took some pictures around lunchtime... Here are some of them! Enjoy! :)

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