Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's party! :)

So, my sister and her family are over for lunch today... we had a funny conversation with my nephew...

Balázs: What kind of cake will we eat?
Magdi: Cake? Why should we eat any kind of cake?
Balázs: Because we're celebrating Mom's birthday today!
Magdi: Uham... And have you given her a present?
Balázs: Not yet..
Magdi: What are you gonna give her?
Balázs: Many many kisses... And I also will build a castle for her
Erik: Me too!!
Balázs: You know, Godmother, when you will have birthday, I also will build a castle for you...
Norbi: Imagine Balázs, Godmother had birthday a day before yesterday..
Balázs: I can't believe it!
Móni: It's true. Her birthday is on the 10th, mine is on the 12th - today.
Balázs: And why didn't we celebrate hers?
Móni: We're celebrating it right now...

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