Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Breaking Hearts

Last week I had to go to the cardiology several times. I got an ABMP device for measuring my blood pressure and pulse 24 hours long. But the first one didn't work. It's pretty annoying, because it measures in every 15 minutes from 6 am to 10 pm and in every 30 minutes from 10 pm to 6 am. When it measures you're not allowed to move because it can't measure but it pumps up and up and up and sometimes (I couldn't stand still on the zebra crossing!!) you feel like your arm would break off, the color of your hands and fingers turn more into fuchsia, almost black.. it really can hurt! I also went with the device to shop for Christmas (I bought books about horses for both of my godchildren) and I stood at the checkout and it began to measure... I just stood there, tried to breathe calmly and after it was over I had to tell the cashier, why it took so much time to pay for the books.. Unfortunately the batteries went flat so the measuring needed to be repeated.
I was told to buy new batteries to play it safe and go back on the next morning. So I went back, got a new device and the "game" started again. I had high blood pressure several times in the afternoon - 169/97 was the highest (both the highest systolic and diastolic rate) with 140 heartbeatings in a minute.
I thought I couldn't sleep at all, but the measurings bear the record, that I was sleeping at least one hour long. At the measuring at 4 and 6 am I was awake, but not from 4:30-5:30. I was k.o. on the next day and I think by right.
I had to go back to my favorite cardiologist today and he said that I'm totally healthy. Mostly I have higher blood pressure and quick pulse just sometimes in a day according to my nervousness. When I panic or somebody drives me crazy I have these symptomes. And since I'm continuously nerves because of my studies, I need to take beta-blockers and tranquilizer - to help my body not to freak out.
One of the beta-blockers I got is heartshaped, but it contents too many medicine for me (since I'm not sick), so I need only the half a day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's party! :)

So, my sister and her family are over for lunch today... we had a funny conversation with my nephew...

Balázs: What kind of cake will we eat?
Magdi: Cake? Why should we eat any kind of cake?
Balázs: Because we're celebrating Mom's birthday today!
Magdi: Uham... And have you given her a present?
Balázs: Not yet..
Magdi: What are you gonna give her?
Balázs: Many many kisses... And I also will build a castle for her
Erik: Me too!!
Balázs: You know, Godmother, when you will have birthday, I also will build a castle for you...
Norbi: Imagine Balázs, Godmother had birthday a day before yesterday..
Balázs: I can't believe it!
Móni: It's true. Her birthday is on the 10th, mine is on the 12th - today.
Balázs: And why didn't we celebrate hers?
Móni: We're celebrating it right now...

Friday, December 10, 2010

(Un)Happy Birthday!

Hmm... delicious! :)
How can be a day like this happy? It's rather unhappy. (Actually I would lie, if I said nothing merry happened.. if I'm just thinking about my cake from Laura...)
And I think a happy un-birthday is much more fun than an unhappy birthday... Somebody told me about "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". I remember seeing it once, but all I remember is that they were celebrating their un-birthday. No idea how this was translated into Hungarian.
But what matters, this week we were told that one student (from first year) cannot come back after Christmas... today after the test we also were told that an other guy won't be able to come back. Test-cleaning-bad news.. + saying good-byes because everybody is leaving for break... This really isn't a happy day..

It's not the best picture of the two.. but I'll miss'em! :(


On this day we also wanted to take some pictures of all six of us. We wanted to do it right after the test, but after the bad news were told we couldn't act like we were happy. But we took some pictures around lunchtime... Here are some of them! Enjoy! :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Playing the role of a waitress

On 12/04 there was a Christmas Banquet for the staff members, interns, board members and all the village people who were invited. Students only could participate if they were serving. And so did I. And actually we had fun! 

We ate the same delicious food - well not with them, but the same, we could listen to the sing team and sing the common Christmas carols. And after supper till the end - when we had our free time - we also could join the people at the tables and talk with them. Well, one of the board members attends my church so I sat to him and his wife.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


In today's Biblical Communcation class we were studying the different outlining techniques, like the TAN (Then-Always-Now), Propositional, Key Question, What/Why/How... and each student had to develop an outline based on John 3:16.
I got the Key Question and had to find a question which you can answer at least in three different ways. So first I wrote down the verse "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him, shall not perish but have eternal life." and then I began to think... to think... to think... in the meantime everybody finished the task but me. So I wrote What can we do to earn eternal life? When I had to read it my teacher asked what are the answers.. Just BELIEVE... 
Everybody broke out in laughter! :) 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PreChristmas Fun

In the first week of Advent we had our annual Christmas decoration in the castle and in the meeting room. Here are some pictures:

Not sure, what I was doing... I guess I "danced in the picture"

With my mentor and a Hungarian girl from Texas. 

A first year, an almost second year and a second year student. 

With Nicki

Jan and Balázs are fixing the girland

The Christmas tree with the presents