Sunday, October 3, 2010

Orientations and try-outs

In the first week of school we had many orientations...way too many! :) But it's okay, there are more people who didn't hear those informations at all. :)
We also had to write a Bible knowledge test (I wrote this for the third time...), the language placement test and the ministry try outs. If you remember, last year I played in the drama called Born Again To A Living Hope but this year I really wanted to be in the sing team or do Sunday school in an international church in Budapest. In the audition… I almost couldn’t sing at all, because I am sick since the end of August. But you know that.
In two weeks we were told what our ministries were. I’m doing Bible clubs (nobody signed up for this ministry) on Monday afternoons in a Presbyterian Church in another town in the nearby (about 20 minutes by car). That news shocked me. I was sure that I can do Sunday school, because Randall - the dean of men and also the cordinator of this ministry - officially welcomed me in his team. He said I won't do Sunday school in that I case I didn't want to. But I want to!!
I don't know anything about the Bible knowledge test - maybe it's better so :) but I know that my English test was the second best (and the best Hungarian) so I don't have to take English classes, because my knowledge is more advanced than what they can offer in class.
A Hungarian proverb says "One of my eyes is crying, the other one is laughing." meaning "I am half-sad, half-happy about it." I'm happy because it's a kind of honorable mention, but I'm also sad because now I really don't have a chance to practice (and to improve) my English.

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