Saturday, November 6, 2010

Borrowed Chateau / A kölcsönkért kastély

We were watching an old black and white Hungarian movie from 1937. There was a conversation between a mother and her daughter which reminded me on some of our discussions with my parents.
Kató and her Mom are packing the suitcases to leave for Budapest.

Mother: What’s your problem?
Daughter: Nothing! … I don’t want to go to Pest! Why do I have to go to Pest when I hate going there?
Mother: Don’t talk! Who did ask you?
Daughter: Mother, you did ask me.
Mother: Don’t talk back!
Daughter: I don’t talk back.
Mother: Sure. And you won’t see that starveling horse-doctor.
Daughter: He’s not starveling.
Mother: You don’t have to answer.
Daughter: I don’t answer.
Mother: The young guard also will be in Budapest. It wouldn’t be bad if you’d meet him.
Daughter: I hate that young guard…
Mother: Do you always have to say the last word?!
Daughter: No, I don’t have to.  

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