Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creationsim vs Evolution

I was looking forward to have the course called Creationism. I think it was about two years ago, when I saw some sequences from a documentary on National Geographic Channel. These were about Darwin’s voyage to the Galápagos Islands.
We didn’t really emphasize evolution in high school. I remember our teacher mentioning the “big bang” and also that life has grown up from a one-celled-organism living in the ocean, that humans were more developed monkeys, but I think that my teacher didn't believe that. Although we weren’t taught about the Christian worldview, we learned about evolution like other theories. We could have our own convictions. I never believed in evolution for a moment and couldn’t imagine how monkeys and humans could live together. 
When I saw that documentary I was shocked. The scenes showed the young Darwin studying the many kinds of finches. Most of them can be distinguished only by the size and shape of their beaks. The various shapes evolved depending on access to different food sources. The crux of Darwin’s theory was natural selection, which basically means that only that specimen that could better adapt the local environment can subsist; in other words the fittest survive. 
Is this theory evolution or is it “just” mutation? I could believe this kind of transformation, but I didn’t know how to reconcile my belief with this new recognition of mine. Have I really become an evolutionist? But I do believe that God created the Earth and everything living on the land and in the water…

 Then I saw The Mysterious Islands. (We watched it in class and had to write a critique on it.) I was happy to hear, that natural selection and evolution aren’t the same concepts. And what is more they are directly opposite. It’s one thing to adapt to the environment, and it’s another to change from one kind into another. If evolution would be true we also should see examples animals like a half dog – half cat, but we can’t find an animal in between. One of the men reminded me on God’s sovereignty. God could easily create animals with the ability to adapt their environment. 
And what about the age of the Earth? In schools you learn that billions and billions of years before there was a big explosion and the Earth grew up. When archaeologists find something they send the findings to a laboratory to have their age calculated. But is this method really trustworthy? The documentary proved that catastrophe can happen in a hurry. The radiocarbon dating can date for examples lava for millions of years, but we can surely know from historical records when this special volcano broke forth. This means that the Bible is truer than any science.  So is the Earth really that old? Billions and billions years old? I don’t think so. I’d rather say: the Earth is so much younger, not even 6000 years old.    
So my question is the same as the  man's in the crew, "Are these islands a laboratory of evolution or is it the testimony of God’s grace?" After studying His Word and seeing the motion picture, my conclusion was the same as Darwin’s travel companion Admiral Robert Fitzroy who said, “Believe God rather than men!”
I think the message of The Mysterious Islands is sound. Released on the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th of the publication of his famous On the Origins of the Species – filmed on the very islands that gave evolution its feet – presents the story of Darwin’s worldview. But more than that, it presents a stirring message of the joys of a reasonable faith in God’s inerrant Word. It is faithful to science, to history, and to the Bible. I can recommend to everybody: it doesn’t matter if they are an evolutionist or creationist. It’s worth to see it at least because of the wonderful flora and fauna… and I believe God’s working in the hearts of every person who watches it. 

1st Advent

This wreath was made by my rommie, Noémi. It's fantastic what this girl just can do! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

My new friend

My new friend is this little wasp. I found this little creature today morning in my shoe. He - I guess it's a he, but who knows - was holding on strongly but I saw him before I would have put my shoe on so I grabbed my key and plunked him away... I guess he was very cold, he didn't even try to bite me and couldn't either fly away. He just fell onto the ground.

When I came back from breakfast he was still lying there where he fell. I didn't want him to be trampled on so I took a leaf and with it I could take him to an other place where he could be safe.

Isn't he beautiful?

Does anybody know how long a wasp lives? Do they die when the weather turns colder? Or can they overwinter in the dead fallen leaves?


You have a special place in my heart!
Bokir tov! ~ meaning Good morning! In the past two weeks we had ISAIAH with an Israeli pastor Meno Kalisher.  His church was established in 1991 and consists of a fellowship of Jewish and Gentile believers numbering over 200 who serve the Lord Jesus Christ. He comes to Tóalmás every year to teach in our Bible school.
These two weeks were so blessed... this teacher is very passionate and lives for the Lord. "Hearing" the Jewish prophecies amazed me how great God is and how little I am (and how many information got lost during the translation process of the Bible).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Inhaler Pipe

I had to go back to my pulmonologist because she was interested in my cardiology-findings (she was the one who sent me to the cardiology!) but I still didn't know if I had asthma.
She wasn't content at all - she thought I had a starting asthma and her conscience didn't allow not to give me an asthma inhaler pipe. But she wasn't content with my 24 hours long EKG either and wanted me to go back to the cardiology to have my blood pressure be measured 24 hours long. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 electrodes

4 of the 5 so called "paws"
I got a "Holter" today for monitoring my heart activity. I can do whatever I just want to = I can live my life as usually (actually I just have to make up classes so I won't move much) but I have to be carful while sleeping that I don't sleep on my stomach. It will be a hard job. When my right collarbone was broken 10 years ago, I woke up because it hurt very much. No wonder: I slept on my stomach (it couldn't last too long I guess). I cried and wasn't able to turn. I had to try turning several times before I could. It was painful.
Now I have to write a diary what I do and how I feel. Whenever I get sick I have to push a button on the device. I pushed it 15 minutes ago for the first time: chest pain.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The big “Ooops”

My cell phone was with me but I left my charger in my dorm. After almost 3 weeks I could charge it again.
I set the alarm for 5:45 am, because I wanted to go into the bathroom to review the material in Biblical Theology before writing the tests right after lunch. At 6:35 I got worried, because Becky didn’t show up to take a shower and it was still too dark in the room. So I went in and turned on the lights to wake up everybody on the easiest and fastest way. Success… everybody woke up but then I was told to turn off the lights, because it was only 5:35!
I forgot about clock change... and got up an hour earlier than I wanted. I hope my roommates don’t hate me now! :-)

Returning to the Bible school

Weeks passed by and really wanted to go back to Tóalmás. I knew that I could came only for 40 hours and I still thought it’s worth to come back. To see the people, to pray with them, to write some tests and to collect the new syllabi.

But it was more than just that! They were happy to see me again. They were very nice, most of them came to me to ask how I was doing... and the peak was maybe, when the dean of students came to me to hug me!
I felt really… missed! :-) 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update #6

I had the asthma test today. My appointment was at 8:30 so we left (my Dad took me there) more than an hour earlier to get there on time.
They couldn't find me in their schedule but they did the lung functions test.
Then I had to breath in 40 times from the salty vapour, breath normally for a short time and 40 times from the vapour again. I could breath only 20 times, because I got headache, could hardly breath and began to cough. After breathing normally for a short time I had to breath 40 times from the vapour again but this time I could do 30 times without coughing. I should had done it 140 times (maybe 160 times: 4*40) but I didn't do 100.
They did a new lung functions test and I had to wait for the doctor.

We were waiting more than an hour long and I was coughing in this hour many many times... When I went into the examination room, I was totally ok again.
The doctor was very very interesting. She was complainig about their system and about her time schedule. She evaluated the wrong test (she compared my old test from last week with the first from today - which was before the provokation test) and told me I didn't have asthma.. When I wanted to tell her that she did something wrong and also ask what medicins she could suggest me to take for my allergy - she looked at me like she wanted to kill me or something like that and I didn't say anything...
I don't say I want to have asthma, but I'm still coughing and this is the third month... it's pretty annoying and I can't take anything because I don't know what's wrong with me...
I have to go back to the dispensary on next Wednesday anyway, I'll ask my pulmonologist what she thinks about my lung functions tests... 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Borrowed Chateau / A kölcsönkért kastély

We were watching an old black and white Hungarian movie from 1937. There was a conversation between a mother and her daughter which reminded me on some of our discussions with my parents.
Kató and her Mom are packing the suitcases to leave for Budapest.

Mother: What’s your problem?
Daughter: Nothing! … I don’t want to go to Pest! Why do I have to go to Pest when I hate going there?
Mother: Don’t talk! Who did ask you?
Daughter: Mother, you did ask me.
Mother: Don’t talk back!
Daughter: I don’t talk back.
Mother: Sure. And you won’t see that starveling horse-doctor.
Daughter: He’s not starveling.
Mother: You don’t have to answer.
Daughter: I don’t answer.
Mother: The young guard also will be in Budapest. It wouldn’t be bad if you’d meet him.
Daughter: I hate that young guard…
Mother: Do you always have to say the last word?!
Daughter: No, I don’t have to.  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update #5

Today I became a pin cushion. In the morning I went to the lab - blood was taken from me. My GP should have the result in a week.
I had my appointment at 1 pm in the clinic. First they did an allergy test - there's only one thing I didn't know about: I also have allergy against mugwort. If I'm not mistaken I got 16 new holes on my left arm. They chose the same arm. And they also did a lung function's test.
To the doctor's mind my laringytis wasn't managed in the right way but I might have asthma. I have to go back on next Wednesday at 8:30 am for the asthma test. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update #4

I got sick yesterday night. I was in bed at 8:25 pm because I was very sleepy. But I couldn't fall asleep. I thought my heart would explode, I had headache and my head was as hot as I would have had high fever... I was lying in the bed hours long without being able to sleep.
I went into the kitchen around 10:30 pm to measure my blood pressure. (Since Dad had a heart attack last year, we have a gauge at home, he has to measure his blood pressure 3 times a day.) You have to know about me that my bp was like it's written in Mom's anatomy book (120/70 mmHg & 72 heartbeats in a minute.) But this time it was 142/67 mmHg and 99 beats... shortly before falling asleep.
I woke Daddy up, but he didn't give me anything and told me to go back to bed... I don't know how long I was awake after that.. I remember look upon the watch at 11:25 pm. 

Today I went to the cardiology. They wanted to measure my blood pressure and do an EKG, but my bp was 150/102 mmHg with 110 beats so the cardiologist also did a heart-ultrasound. My heart should be ok (normal size also my heart valves should function ok) and she hopes that my high blood pressure was just the momentary state. She thought that my thyroid was overactive because it can cause high puls, so I have to go to the GP to get a prescription to the lab.

And I have to go back on November 16 and I'll get a Holter = so my heart will be monitoring 24 hours long.