Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest ministry

My R.A. is responsible for the youth group in her church. Because the majority of these kids are gypsies older member of the congregation are afraid and against everything Eszter is doing in the church. We are constantly praying for these young people as well for the older ones. Of course she always needs help. She also asked me to join them at least one time but to tell the truth I didn't really want to.
Gypsies don't have good reputation in Hungary. There are two kind of gypsies - those who work, are responsible and diligent; and those who are lazy and like to earn their money by stealing. I had gypsy classmates in elementary school and they were troublemakers. I wanted rather to be friends with them because I thought they wouldn't harm their friend. It worked most of the times. And they were all girls.
Well Eszter asked me to go at this weekend. It was a good opportunity to ministry but my fears were bigger. I'd found excuses - like I had to study a lot and I didn't have money - which were all true but I misused them. The time had come. For the very first time I've found an envelop with money in my mailbox with a note "Have a nice weekend!". I knew this amount would cover the trip and I believed God had a purpose with it. So at the end I said yes.

We left on Friday afternoon and went straight to the church. It was a pleasant evening with teaching (my ministry leader did it - it was the same topic we had just at the beginning of the week), games (Lauren and I were asked to prepeare some icebreakers and I was her interpreter too) and pancakes.
The next day we visited some gypsy families in the town. We helped the kids do their homeworks, were talking to their older siblings and parents, then we also went for a walk with at least six little girls. They told many things about themselves, we were holding hands, singing old songs....
When we got to the first family I got sick. The room was so messy and dirty, well grimy, there were flies everywhere, it smelled after smoke... but their hearts were so big! We were laughing, we got coffee and I had immediately changed there. It wasn't easy to hold back my tears.
I learnt so many things at this weekend and I'm so thankful to my God for it!
- God created us all in His own image (Gen 1:27)
- From one man He made all the nations and He marked out their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands (Acts 17:26)

Why do we look at the skincolor of the people? Why do we accuse others for their sins? We are the same - all hungry, we fear, we are cold when winter comes, they are not worse or better than we are! It doesn't matter how they are, God gave His precious Son for them too!

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