Friday, October 15, 2010

Bible school classes 2010/11

I didn't know that a picture would be taken of us. One of my roommates is handicapped and two of us helped her to get on the stage. The others didn’t move and I was her shorter helper, unfortunately I couldn’t move forward that’s why I can be hardly seen…


1st row: Joshua (USA), István (Hungary), Jan (Czech), Silviu (Romania), David (USA/Romania), Balázs (Hungary), Josiah (USA/Philippines), Richard (Hungary), Telemaco (Brazil), Gabriel (Brazil), Andre (Brazil), Ivan (Serbia), Christopher - Main translator (USA/Hungary)
2nd row: Eszter (Hungary), Fanni (Hungary), Mónika - Dean of women (Transylvania), Karolina - Nurse (Czech), Zsuzsi - Secretary (Hungary), Bernabe (Argentina), Gergő (Hungary), Rebecca (Germany), Noémi (Ukraine), András (Ukraine), Alyssa (Brazil-UK), Karine (Brazil-UK), Roberto (Brazil), Nicole (USA), Ashley - Assistant dean of women (USA)
3rd row: me, Yana - Assistant to the deans (Ukraine/USA), Laura (New Zealand/France), Emilia (Transylvania),  Jill - Admissions assistant (USA), Rebecca (USA/Hungary), Elyse (Canada)
4th row: Randall - Dean of men (USA), Lauren (USA), Paul - Executive dean and Bible teacher (USA), Józsué (Hungary), Ákos (Hungary), Alexander (USA), Sámuel (Hungary), Aaron (USA), István - Dean of studenst (Hungary), Andrew - Academic dean (USA)  

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